It's Here, It's Here!

Is Jim Carey running for president?>//////////>The 2018 U.S. Federal Budget is here, however, there was no mention of the budget of the U.S. Brainwashing Organization or its weapon. Nor, has the press queried. The budget is an interesting fiduciary schema of the intentions of the government employees to carryout the tasks which are to achieve the strategic goals of the citizens of America.

Early critics have stated that the budget makes broad cuts to the poor while providing a $54 billion increase to the military and broad tax cuts to businesses and the wealthy. They claim that Trump has adopted the atypical Republican tactic of trickle down government. They claim that historically this tactic has never worked. Why has it never worked?

One of the reasons relates to the same reasons why they don't work in Mexico, Asia, or California for that matter. The reason is cronyism. And, cronyism is the reason that put Obama over the top. That is, over the top of Hillary and the Republican candidates. Obama called it "my team." Cronyism became so prevalent, at least in California, that Hollywood actors began aggressively addressing the American voters directly, however comfortably, through the TV.

Asia and the Military

The princess and the pea. The presence of the U.S. military in Asia can be summarized in the children's fairy tale where Asia is the princess and the U.S. military is the pea. This begs the question, then whom is the prince? U.S. Asian immigrants. That is the trade off that is being witnessed in California, Northern California, and specifically San Francisco, the sanctuary city. There are no sanctuaries in Asia, except the only one provided to Obama.

One might be mistaken and claim that Obama was supposed to be the pea. But that would be a mistake in reasoning. Obama was hidden in Indonesia by secret agencies for political reasons which were to benefit Asians, and not African-Americans. But, no one was supposed to know. In the story of the Princess and the Pea, the focus is to find someone who would notice the pea, not miss it. In the photo, the white male is noting the Asian female child, not Obama. But obviously she is not the pea, although she looks like a 'sweet pea'. She is one of the princesses of Asian descent. Princess being a metaphor for motherland.

The pea is a metaphor for conflict, turmoil, uprising, overthrow, or militancy. There is a direct correlation to this within the story of King Henry IV of France.

Green "garden" peas, eaten immature and fresh, were an innovative luxury of Early Modern Europe. ...Sugar peas, which the French soon called mange-tout, for they were consumed pods and all, were introduced to France from the market gardens of Holland in the time of Henri IV, through the French ambassador (wikiddBuddy).

Henri IV married into the French royal family. His wife married him because France was experiencing religious turmoil. He was baptized a Catholic, but eventually converted to Protestantism. Once he married, he converted to Catholicism. He eventually freed the citizens of certain religious constraints through the passing of laws. However, he was assassinated JFK style by a Catholic assailant while his carriage was blocked and the assailant stabbed him to death. Pea is reduced to 'P' for Protestant, the cause against the militancy.

Later, Hans Christen Andersen of Holland, Netherlands, developed the story of The Princess and the Pea within a set of children's stories. He emphasized the thin skin of the pea pod by exaggerating that she with sleeping on ' 20 mattresses and 20 feather-beds'. In this way, it emphasizes complicity with the princess where only a child could believe she did not know there was a pea under the mattresses but was made uncomfortable when trying to sleep. Also, it could be surmised that the Queen knew of the plotters, that's why she married him, and the plotters could have been detected as easily as peas in a pod. Therefore, she had intentionally made them especially uncomfortable because a Protestant was sleeping with the Queen. She's getting on.

Flight 370 is a focus on the feather bed. Diving birds render the final minutes of Flight 370, specifically the Oriental Darter, a.k.a. Anhinga. The focus is not on the dive, although all planes must dive at some slope to come down. But instead, the attempt was to submerge the aircraft, as intact as possible, like the Oriental Darter. It does not dive like the other birds. It usually dives once it has landed on the water. Coincidentally, there is a USS submarine called the Darter. It was commissioned in 1956 and retired and sank as a target in 1992.

This crash had to be based on aircraft engineering. When the aircraft went down, I assumed that it was in a deep place, like the Marianas Trench, because no one had reported seeing it. I didn't assume that the plane could have been intentionally driven deep into the ocean, similar to the crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. But no debris has been found to date, except for a flaperon.

However, the aircraft could have been brought down similar to the Sully landing and the Flight 214 Asiana Airlines crash at San Francisco Airport. The descent rate and airspeed in the Asiana crash were shown to have been the cause. This cause would have served well to land on the water. In Flight 214 the co-pilot called for "flaps 30", but the pilot said that they were going a bit too fast for "flaps 30", which would have slowed their speed and provided more lift. Did the pilot of Flight MH 370 try that theory out? More then likely Flight MH 370 gently landed on the ocean, then sank to the ocean floor.

But what happened to the people? Would not get out of their seat. For whatever reason. I saw the same thing where two Asian girls at the Stonestown Mall were dragged, kicking and screaming, by two white males from one vehicle to another, while two Asian males in uniform stood by looking on. The Asian males were in some kind of police uniform and the white males were in plain clothes. The Asians were a major criminal problem, but that is San Francisco's main problem.

There is a similar method of landing which is used to land on aircraft carriers. A tailhook is required in order to hook on to an arrester cable which slows the planes speed and brings it to a stop. However, airliners don't come with a tailhook, or do they?. When I worked at H&R Block, there was an Asian male who was wheelchair bound. He used an electric wheelchair. And, he looks just like the pilot of Flight MH 370. He would buzz to and fro and you would hear the buzz and whine of his chair before your ever saw him. He moved that chair real fast. Once he mentioned that he wanted to get a lift van. Coincidentally in the Eastmont Mall, where the insane male cops are brainwashed to attack on camera by their female counterparts, which are behavioral signs that lead to attacks on the public, there is an handicap assistance equipment store. Get the connection?

Currently, there is major contention over China developing in the China sea. The U.S. has reported that China is building ports and airfields in the Paracel and Spratley Islands. These islands are related to missing Flight MH 370 and are the reason why the plane was put down in the water. So, the protesting (Protestant) U.S. military is organizing the rest of the peas in the pod, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, India, etc., to rise up against the fine China.

The Womens Policy

Complaints against Saudi Arabia by women, and men who have a symbiotic relationship and wish to help the women, drown out the attacks by the women, at least from the world news desk.

Time Kapsule

The U.S. Government Employees Murdered the Jews

Mein Kampf! And blamed the Germans. And now, the U.S. government employees are going around the world telling other governments whom they may kill and whom they may not. Talk about courageous girl. Donald Trump was right, he did inherit a mess, a bloody mess. And the rest of the world leaders were turned into silenced homosexuals. The U.S. news corp is complicit. The clue Berlin Clock shows that it's time to hear the truth about the government employees.

Jack the Ripper once used the blood of one of his victims to write on a wall in the White Chapel district in England, "the Jews will be blamed for nothing." Apparently, Jack the Ripper was jealous. The brainwashing of Adolf HItler by the U.S. government employees was an act of Cain against Abel, because a German citizen created the 'printed book', which became an irreplaceable world wide product. Germans were creating everything and the Jews may or may not have been blamed for it. These American sentiments date back to the era of the enactment of the Alien and Sedition Acts. Then the U.S. government employees set about causing WWI and WWII (Old and New Testament). Now, the U.S. military continues to wander in the field. Although, the military is not interested in nation building. The book also formed the drive to create the personal computer.

When you call Oakland, California police department, press '7' (Kap) in order to reach the correct department about a crime that has already been reported. However, noone has reported the U.S., until now. Kapaernick's message to the press, that the police only have to have a minimal amount of education, was a message of camaraderie. It was a message to the police that the male cops were being brainwashed by the women they work with. However, it is possible that the brainwashers talking to the cop, told him that he has a warrant outstanding. And the cop can act on it , even if the brainwasher lied. It's still probable cause. The woman in the car could have told the cop through the brainwashing, since it conveniently went down in front of the car. The women will even threaten that they will brainwash the male cop to attack. Yeah, drugs, guns, killings, beatings, prostitution, breaking and entering, lies, and intimidation, all at the behest of the women in the police department and outside the police department. It costs the lives of the citizens (usually males), pain and suffering, the jobs of both victims and cops (police chiefs and on down), and huge amounts in damages coming out of the budget that the government employees say your taxes or national debt doesn't have.

This type of activity went down in the Middle-East, which led to the war that's going on now. The women claimed that the women in the Middle-East were being treated poorly by the males of the Middle-East, so the U.S. military had to go and save them. However, there was no discussion that the U.S. government employees were already brainwashing the people of the Middle-East. In Turkey, the assassination of Andrei Karlov was a brainwash event (Karwash).

The assassin, Mevlut Mert Altintasan, an off-duty Turkish police officer, who was not a professional assassin, stood directly behind the target. Then a white female reporter, who looks like a white female who works in the Alameda County Law Library, walks across the path between the shooter and his target. The shooter notices that he is the only person standing directly behind the ambassador. He looks conspicuous. So, he gradually saunters over toward the female. Meanwhile, the brainwasher(s) is showing you that he is at work within the person filming this particular perspective, with another cameraman blocking the line of sight to the woman.

Line of Sight

Once the shooter gets to his spot, the cameraman moves from the line of sight of the woman, and the shooter notices that he has a clear shot at the target. And, their are no other people behind the target from this angle. He then looks at the female as if to say, you knew this was a better position. The cameraman comes back into the line of sight, and both the shooter and the female simultaneously snap a look back to the cameraman as if he has stepped back into his line of sight to the target. Then the cameraman quickly moves and the two are relieved again. Both of their minds are being controlled by the brainwasher(s).

The same type of activity went on in Iraq before the invasion by the U.S.. The Iraqis even admitted that they were using the brainwashing. This is the cause for Iraq's severe police problem, empowered women in hiding and presumed homosexuals. Some continue to blame 'black people' for the brainwashing. And, in California there was a group who called themselves the 'Symbionese Liberation Army' who were said to consist of black people. This army only had one black member, but claimed to be the leader of the black power movement which clashed violently with police. However, the law community easily overcame the disturbance.

Weird Science

It has been said that, we should rely on science, rather than ideology or dogma. That was eloquently spoken, however naive. It is a gift to China, San Francisco, to lead the U.S. In the system of police forensics, it is the standard to rely on human contact. But, if you take the money, but not receive the money, then the science will also rely on human contact, like Lascaux Cave. Cave warming and lichen me. Global warming is ideology and dogma. It is theory. No one wants to put their name on it, or any method to resolve the accusation. So, the concern for a negative result has been applied as a name for policy, an 'ism'. Like McCarthyism.

The weird thing about religion, ya can't find it in a good cup a Joe (Starbucks version 3.75):

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Hebrews 11:1
King James version (KJV)

29 March 2017 in Uvalde County, Texas, there was a fatal church bus accident which took the lives of 13 white elderly men and women who were returning from a retreat with Alto Frio Baptist Church. The cause of the accident was said to have been a 20 year old white male, Jack D. Young, who was driving a white Dodge dually. A white male and his Spanish girlfriend were following the Young and called 911 to report that the driver was dangerously weaving to and fro across the two-lane interstate. They caught the guy on smart phone and requested that the police come and pick the guy up. However, Young, who survived the crash, weaved into the opposite lane one last time and hit the unsuspecting church bus head-on. Of the 14 passengers on board the bus, 13 died, the other was in critical condition. Young said that he was sorry and that he was 'texting' at the time. There was a question that was put, "why would God allow such a thing to happen?" Especially, since they were church going people returning from a church retreat, in New Braunsfel. Yeah, Eva Braun! The girls!

The creative thing about the bronze 'Courageous Girl' is not that it's about women, or girls, but that the artist used the image of a girl to depict a 'Bear Market'. The name implies that the two statues will converge, as in the Alto bus crash. But no, this is a fallacy, an irrational exuberance. Not that you want your sugar going out and taking on massive horned animals. Even the National Rodeo won't allow that. Also, the symbol for female points downward, like a bear market. And that's also why the women's plaque in down on the ground, so you point down.

In reality, a 'Bull Market' and 'Bear Market' never converge. A bull market is more likely to turn up, and a bear market is more likely to turn down. Hence the term 'Courageous Girl'. No! The mix up comes from the public's erroneous perception of relationships, or rather fundamental interactions.

A bear market is a weak market. Yep, like the Enola Gay. And, you would expect a girl to be weak, and inexperienced. However, a girl is not a woman. Although, we sometimes call women, girls, and the weaker sex. Your using me! You cain't tell own me! In demonstrating experience, the artist designs the girl with her hair and clothes waving in the wind, like a toreador. But, in the literal sense, this would certainly imperil the girl, since a bull would target the movement, like the professions within the stock market. As a result, you would not experience the bear market too often, or for too long.

Terror in dis Skies

The problem with Obamacare. This healthcare system is unconstitutional. But of course, you would expect that from an U.S. constitutional lawyer. It is true that the Constitution allows for the enactment of such extreme laws in the case of invasions (e.g., border crossing, breaking and entering, etc.) and national health emergencies. But, the inability to pay for emergency room care is not a national health emergency, it's a financial issue that occurs nationally. D.C. has twisted (spun) the bill. Now we will need healthcare reform just like campaign finance reform. Why? Because it's financially based, not based on health. Or else we would call it healthcare practices reform. The practices are not being addressed, but instead what services will be financially covered, like your seat. The U.S. government employees, including Obama, use the brainwashing weapon to cause medical harm, hence the blood from the doctors mouth. Talk about that.

The healthcare bill should be addressed in the securities market (not airline security). Wah, no bill?!

By creating a healthcare system in which it is mandatory that everyone make a purchase, it turns from an insurance plan into a benefit-based or contribution-based account similar to a retirement account. And now, it is also on your tax return. Why? You are not receiving any income from it. Obamacare is an illegal act against every American. Those financial issues that are reflected on your tax return can instead be be handled through government employees and businesses. It is merely a case of the Death of a Salesman. However, Americans say they can't discuss the salesman because of the brainwashing.

Obamacare can be likened to Watergate, Obamacaregate. Disguised behind the fog of war of Watergate was the financial legislation which allowed Congress and the Senate to generate massive amounts of funds through campaign financing. Campaign finance being the money which is allowed to be donated to politicians, on top of their salaries. Legislation was passed during the Watergate scandal which allowed the flood of unlimited amounts of money (Monet) to be taken by either political party. Since that time, the term "campaign finance reform" has become a household term.

What Obamacare did was create the same type of finance legislation, especially note that it was said that he raised the most campaign funds in the history of presidential elections. Obama created the same type of election campaign finance issue created during the Nixon era, except this time, its potential was to not only fund the healthcare industry, but continue to fund Congress and the Senate through mandatory tax association. A better approach would be to create a free market system which promotes the sale of healthcare insurance through subsidizing elections which focus on covering existing ailments. This can be difficult because once a existing ailment becomes known, then it's expected that insurance costs may go up. Then the customer may seek to lower costs by seeking a new and cheaper insurance provider which is required to insure existing conditions.

Set Theory

PARISC the Emperor (U) has no clothes, claims the vicar. The EU has no Islamic state, claims ISIS. The rhode to hell was paved with saul.

Our remarks suggest above all the inexorable rate of change in the business environment. First, success in business has always been and continues to be hard-won and difficult to maintain...Second, an antagonism persists between the mainly economic concerns of businesses and the personal concerns of employees...

The Changing World of Work[s]

Eric M. Eisenberg
University of Southern California

H. L. Goodall, Jr.
Clemson University

Organizational Communication
Balancing Creativity and Constraint
Part One: Theories of Organization and Communication
St. Martin's Press, Inc. 1993
Chapter 1, page 5

Rex Tillerson must not forget his eloquent intentions within real-world context.

Abel became a herder of sheep while Cain was a tiller of the soil. And it happened in the course of time that Cain brought from the fruit of the soil an offering to the Lord. And Abel too had brought from the choice firstlings of his flock, and the Lord regarded Abel and his offering but did not regard Cain and his offering...And Cain said to Abel his brother, "Let us go out to the field," and when they were in the field Cain rose against Abel his brother and killed him...The story continues with God's punishment of Cain: the soil which received his brother's blood will reject him, and he will be a wanderer on the earth. Cain objects that this is too harsh - "whoever finds me will kill me" - and so God adds a sanction against those who would seek to kill Cain... And Cain went out from the Lord's presence and dwelled in the land of Nod, east of Eden. And Cain knew his wife and she conceived and bore Enoch. Then he became the builder of a city and he called the name of the city like his son's name, Enoch (wikiddBuddy).

Again, smacks the flavor of the prodigal son. Government is the business of people; don't get used to killing your product, 911.

Free Agency

Biographical Note
Euclid, fl. c. 300 B.C.

The other story about Euclid that has come down from antiquity concerns his answer to a pupil who at the end of his first lesson in geometry asked what he would get by learning such things, whereupon Euclid called his slave and said: "Give him a coin since he must needs make gain by what he learns."

Great Books of the Western World
Robert Maynard Hutchins, Editor in Chief
Editorial Faculties of the University of Chicago
William Benton, Publisher
Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc.

The Thirteen Books of Euclid's Elements

The Works of Archimedes including The Method

On Conic Sections
By Apollonius of Perga

Introduction to Arithmetic
By Nichomachus of Gerasa

Parol 40 min content Las Vegas Dugan home, Cecilia on couch and 9mm Luger. Behind the tree, Garrido at child's park. Said killed a guard getting out of a prison (knows how to escape?). Shanksville- stabbed couple (escaped?). Call to authorities is due to Bag Limits. Arthur Leigh AllenWorked in oil factory (slick official, Obama) Mexico, Knife and chicken = Guernica. Is William White really WW in Kryptos, or is it Wayne Williams a.k.a. the Atlanta Child Killer? the most dangerous game DoDCIAFBIDEAATFNSASSPDCSDICEUSMSDHS

What does Obama, Kim Sung II, Kim Jong IL, Kim Jong UN, Peter Cetera, James Pankow, (apologies, no clean versions found) Warren G - One More Day, and Dennis Rodman have in common? A lot, 25 6 2 4. Email your answer Chicago - One More Day Ann Dunham in Jakarta.


Obama Occident Occidental college - smile O cci Dental, Letter (O) now I am in control of all things. 1978 letter. Obama in High School, next in Occidental. Occidental also city in Sonoma.

US Marshals Service GezerahEagles song, Desperado, my lyrics? "Out riding fences... You'd better come to your senses," The Prodigal Son.

The Salt and Pepper Team

But ya doesn't have ta call em Condi. They were from different parts of the country, but they ate the same foods. Jeffrey Dahmer committed his first murder in the summer of 1978 at the age of 18, just three weeks after his graduation. Williams first became a suspect in the Atlanta Child Murders in May 1981 when a police surveillance team, watching a bridge spanning the Chattahoochee River (a site where several victims' bodies had been discovered), heard a "big loud splash", suggesting that something had been thrown from the bridge into the river below.

Known Dahmer victims
Known and suspected Williams victims

The Fall if the Broken Cherry Blossoms

Girl falls to her death from third floor balcony. Investigators want to know how and/or why she fell. Not that they don't understand physics and gravity, but wanting to discern between accident and fowl play. Andrew Rateaver (Ratatouille) of the Berkeley Police Department is the lead investigator on the case. The young woman is believed to have been a student of UC Berkeley, cradle and all.

The Courts of Europe

Edited by, A. G. Dickens, published in the United States by, McGraw-Hill Book Company, copyright, 1977. Politics, Patronage and Royalty, 1400 - 1800.

On Easter Sunday, Old Man shot, with his back to the fences, by man driving a white, Ford Fusion, while staying In-Touch. Currently, still at large, no more. Steve Harvey and Stephen Curry, warrior's family feud. The news Gap cap broke, the cat in the hat, Robert Godwin, communication disrupted. In other words, there was a loss in the chain of communication from the news. Had to fill-in with or ABC talk show with Kristen Sze.

The women in the brainwashing say, it's not the Jews, but instead it is the military.

p. 18:

"'O ye knights of England,' he cries, 'what do ye now but go to the bains (LBJ) and play dice? Alas what do ye now but sleep and take ease?' [Caxton's translation of the Order of Chivalry]The contrast here is no longer between arms and letters, but between military vigour and self-indulgent flabbiness; and this in turn, could easily shade off into another antithesis - the honest warrior and the slick official. Antagonism between the soldier and courtier was a prominent feature of the anti-court tradition, and in Jean de Bueil's Le Jouvencel we have a fifteenth-century illustration of this the hero, in his youth, wishes to seek his fortune at court; but an old gentleman tells him that his only gain would be 'mockery, loss of time, and ill-spent effort'. A whole day would not suffice to describe the corruption and uncertainty of courts where princes' affections vary; where rivals seek to destroy you; and where the spirit is burdened by vice. In contrast to all this are the virtues, triumphs, loyalty, and courage of the warrior - the foundation of all temporal power. Kings may always find new officials; it is not so easy to muster good fighters. War is more suitable for Le Jouvencel than to idle at court, noting who wears the best suit or the most fashionable hat. Besides, concludes the old man, nobody respects a courtier, whereas the good warrior is welcome wherever he goes."

Reverso Dictionary, an online dictionary which provides translations, definitions, and synonyms, translates and defines the term, jouvenceau, as simply, adolescent. It goes on to list French synonyms as, éphèbe, adolescent, damoiseau, jeune homme, garçon, gars, galant, freluquet (vieilli) puceau. And, references are made to Jean de Bueil and his writings in many books and scholarly publications including, War, Strategy and History, Essays In Honour Of Professor Robert O'neill, edited by, Daniel Marston and Tamara Leahy.

Reference is made to Bueil in Chapter 12 - Theory and Practice, Art and Science in Warfare: An Etymological Note, p. 180, chapter author, Beatrice Heuser. Jstor Terms and Conditions. The author points to Bueil's allusions that the production, conduction, or execution of war should be carried on as an art and discipline of science. And because of that, the practice of war and military strategy is more preferable than the practice of law and politics.

On August 1, 1969, three letters prepared by the [Zodiac Killer] were received at the Vallejo Times Herald, the San Francisco Chronicle, and The San Francisco Examiner. The nearly identical letters took credit for the shootings at Lake Herman Road and Blue Rock Springs. Each letter also included one-third of a 408-symbol cryptogram which the killer claimed contained his identity. The killer demanded they be printed on each paper's front page or he would "cruse [sic] around all weekend killing lone people in the night then move on to kill again, until I end up with a dozen people over the weekend."

On August 8, 1969, Donald and Bettye Harden of Salinas, California, cracked the 408-symbol cryptogram. It contained a misspelled message in which the killer said he was collecting slaves for the afterlife. No name appears in the decoded text, and the killer said that he would not give away his identity because it would slow down or stop his slave collection. (The decoded text follows)


— The solution to Zodiac's 408-symbol cipher. The meaning, if any, of the final eighteen letters has not been determined. (wikiddBuddy)

Here, the Zodiac Killer is espousing a contradiction (Iran/Contra) or antithesis to the ideals of Beuil in his letters to the journalist (official court of public opinion) and law communities. At the time of the killings of the Zodiac Killer, the California death penalty was still in force. It was not until The People of the State of California v. Robert Page Anderson, 493 P.2d 880, 6 Cal. 3d 628 (Cal. 1972) that capital punishment was deemed unconstitutional and outlawed in the State of California. The Killer likening killing to war and military strategy, of which would claim slaves in the ole days, and supposing why the law and politicians were killing captured slaves (Casey Anthony).

California voters reinstated the death penalty a few months later, with Proposition 17 legalizing the death penalty in the state constitution and superseding the Anderson ruling. Since then, hundreds of death sentences have been handed down, but only 13 executions have been carried out, the last one in 2006 (wikiddBuddy).

On July 1, 2011, Lundbeck, the Danish pharmaceutical company that holds the sole license to manufacture pentobarbital in the United States, announced that its distributors would deny distribution of pentobarbital to U.S. prisons that carry out the death penalty by lethal injection. Ohio used up its supply of pentobarbital on September 25, 2013, with the execution of Harry Mitts Jr. (coincidentally, Casey Anthony once moved to Ohio, Fuzzy Paws). On January 16, 2014, Ohio executed Dennis McGuire who was convicted of raping and then murdering 22 year old Joy Stewart who was 30 weeks pregnant, became the first U.S. inmate to be executed with a combination of the drugs midazolam and hydromorphone. The effects of this combination of drugs on the body are controversial and not well understood. McGuire took 25 minutes to die, an unusually long time for an execution, being among the longest since Ohio resumed capital punishment in 1999.

[Official] Postponements
In January 2015, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction announced that all executions scheduled for the remainder of that year would be postponed due to the lack of availability of required drugs. In October 2015, the department further announced that Governor John Kasich had granted additional reprieves to all inmates due to be executed in 2016 for the same reason. Ohio currently (as of March 2016) has no executions scheduled until January 2017 (wikiddBuddy).

It has been noted that the Zodiac Killer had sent letters which were encrypted and contained errors. The encryption was a sign that there was a problem to be solved. The obvious errors were a sign that corrections needed to be made. Specifically, it's a reference to Rehabilitation and Correction. And, the Killer even references 'forest's through an obvious error in spelling. That error is a reference to the Rehabilitation and Correction Code requirement that inmates have access to "recreational activities" (RA). In fact, at one point in the history of the State of Virginia, the official state publication, The Virginia Register of Regulations, volume 14, issue 7, December 22, 1997, pages 1047 to 1188, list Woody Woodard, Department of Corrections, 6900 Atmore Drive, Richmond, VA 23225, telephone (804) 674-3237, as the agent to contact if copies of the regulations are needed, page 1057. Atmore Dr. dead ends at Wyck St. where the building at this address bears the signage, Department of Corrections Virginia Parole Board. The phone number is currently listed as going to the agency, Department of Corrections, Board of Corrections, Supervisor, Compliance and Accreditation, Donna Lawrence, contact information: 6900 Atmore Drive, Richmond, VA 23227, Email Address:, Telephone: (804)674-3237, FAX: (804)674-3587.

In the crypt of the Zodiac Killer, the allusion to hunting game in the forest is made to reference existing laws, using rehabilitation and correction to parody existing building code laws (rehab and correction). This takes his actions inside housing where wood and concrete are the forest for the game. In that environment there are prison policies in place to prevent rape attacks. The Killer carries out his attacks on the public with the conviction of an government appointed warrior, however misguided in his work (supposed to point north). The killing of the cab merely one of a multitude of his duties.

In California, rehabilitation and corrections regulations are codified in the California Code of Regulations (CCR), which are volumes of laws specific to California called Titles. Title 15 Crime Prevention and Corrections, Division 3 Rules and Regulations of Adult Institutions, Programs, and Parole, contains the rehabilitation and corrections laws, while policies are documented in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Adult Institutions, Programs, and Parole, Operations Manual.

Within Title 15, the first mention of recreational activities is contained in Article 2 Recreational and Physical Education Programs section 3220 ...Participation, page 118, which designates that those that which to participate in recreational activities be allowed to participate. And, it has often been stated that recreation is highly advised, even though these people may never be allowed to leave.

However, the public is often faced with the dilemma of whether to give up a recreational program in order to balance a government budget. These events continue to occur, however, the public usually fails to take action. Take the case of the Oakland Raiders for instance, where a recreational activity is destined to be lost in the Bay Area to the dissatisfaction of the fan base. Yet, that fan base remains under the rule of the same government which resided over the loss.

While it's true that the Raiders, or Warrior, or Athletics don't actually go out and kill for their country, they do represent similar military vigor in the eyes of the fans whom represent the Kings and Queens for which they march. The spirit of the good fighter was lost at the Coliseum, Zodiac 13, Police 0.

Joan of Arc was a good fighter who represented the epitome of Le Jouvencel chivalry of that era, art and science at war.

Kall OL

International relations require more than just beer or an International Beer Day. They also require international translations. However, many details can be lost in the translations, take Kryptos for instance. The cryptic nature of the curvy linear artwork is similar to translating one language from another. And, as Kryptos contains errors, so may other translations. So, when looking at the International Beer Day attack in Stockholm, Sweden, I expect to see errors. Maybe even more errors than usual due to inebriation.

In a broader analysis of the international attacks against the public, these attacks appear to be increasing. And, they appear more and more like vast coordinated attacks, especially since the terrorist group ISIS has either been linked or has claimed responsibility more often and more quickly. The translation appears to be indeed related to a global caliphate. However, the caliphate is not ruling, but instead appears to have been deposed. As in exposed, "the emperor has no cloths."

Have you heard of the story written by the Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen, The Emperor's New Clothes? It has become internationally known as an idiom for having beliefs as to what others believe, but those others don't actually carry such beliefs. Meaning, the Emperor has exposed himself, in this case, physically naked, because he believed that his tailors were fit to serve him (get it? fitted). But, more importantly is that the Emperor is exposing his beliefs, and he is wrong. And also in this case, it will affect his relationship with the disbelievers.

While in office, former president Obama called Donald Trump unfit for office while Trump ran for the White House. But supposedly, Obama is Democrat and Trump is Republican, so you would expect such differences. And, the gay community of San Francisco and elsewhere went on to display nude statues of Trump during his campaign run, which were eventually removed for breaking local statutes.

When analyzing living organisms, or just trying to understand what is happening, I try to simplify their behavior into two general categories, belief systems or relationships. In this way, it becomes easier to empathize and/or manage a situation between yourself and the organism. After the recent dual attack on the Coptic churches of Egypt, a Muslim faithful said that it was good that they could be used for such causes for their faith.

Another idiom comes from Marcellus in Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act I, "Something is rotten (smells fishy, religious) in the state of Denmark." , Shakespeare was from England and, interestingly, acts in Denmark led to the bombing of England. Today and, in this case, the state is the Islamic state and the attack was in Sweden, not Denmark. Hans Christian Andersen was from Denmark, not Sweden. But, both Denmark and Sweden are considered Scandinavian countries, of which includes Norway, which is Anders Behring Breivik's homeland.

Meanwhile, far from the madding crowd, in mourning the victims of the Stockholm beer truck attack, citizens hold a quiet love fest. This phrase was found in Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Allusions: Understand the creative and colorful references that add richness and vitality to our language, by Elizabeth Webber and Mike Feinsilber, page 189, under fascism.

In the preface, and the preface itself consists of an allusion to how we figure when reading indirectly presented situations, parables. In this case, the pair of authors, or editors, allude to the common hidden textual story of homosexuality. In that presentation, brief instructions are provided as to how and when to use the information provided within the book, such as "When your dictionary can't help with silent spring, the Dreyfus affair, lounge lizard or the artful dodger, turn to these pages.

I will include all of the text, in its entirety, as found under the listing, because I have found it to be intricately related to the Stockholm beer truck attack.

far from the madding crowd A peaceful locale, away from the frenzied hurly-burly of normal existence. This phrase is from the poem "Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard," by Thomas Gray, published in 1751. It's a favorite cliche of travel writers, used to describe "get-away-from-it-all" vacations. But keep in mind that the rural life of Gray's time was very different - most of the denizens of small, quiet villages were truly isolated from the outside world. Their talent, ambition, or beauty were known only to a few:

Far from the madding crowds ignoble strife,
Their sober wishes never learned to stray;
Along the cool sequestered vale of life
They kept the noiseless tenor of their way.

Thomas Hardy chose the phrase as the title of his 1874 novel of life in rural Dorset.

The term in use, by Robert A. Erlandson, in the Baltimore Sun, June 7, 1995:

Two years ago, determined to secure the future of their 15-acre paradise, far from the madding crowd, Ms. Woodward, 46, a lawyer, and her husband, Robert W. Devlin, 51, a real estate agent, made a unique proposal to county officials - that their farm be designated a historic district.

And by Patrick Marshall in his computer advice column in the Seattle Times, March 2, 1997:

I checked again with several service providers and, unfortunately, didn't find any that have immediate plans to provide toll-free access to your community.... For those who choose to live far from the madding crowd, that means toll calls.

End quote.

Links: Kall OL = service provider America Online (AOL); toll-free access = Swedish open-migration policy; and many other allusions within the listing.

The Consecration

Remain calm! Like Putin, constantly depicted straddling an equestrian beast, Russia regionally straddles most of the religions of the world. In America, it is as Calvin and Hobbs, attempting to govern all the religions under their leadership, founded on four and five hundred year old ideologies. The consecration of Russia into the Catholic Church would bind Russia to a religion which has historical conflict with government rule, and which the Protestant religion has apparently not manifested, but for Ireland. And, the conflict is amplified in the current situation with Russia, Syria, Turkey, and the Middle-east.

There have been so many warring factions in that region of the Middle-east, that it seems impossible to imagine governing without attacking some group militarily over an extended period of time. This was the benefit of the Reformation movement. Many titles for religions were created all with the common ideology of 'Christianity', or at least, the same God. This is not the same as with the Catholic faith, which has been seen as an 'either your with me or against me' type ideology. And Islam has developed separatist ideology based specifically for the purpose of separating one ideology from another. Then there are the other religions which are not Islamic. The Consecration may not have been of benefit to Russia, but for faith.

Today, Russia is looking to govern the region from a hands on approach. And there are those in the region who have expressed concern for tiger tracks. Especially since the recent close encounters with the Russian Air Force over the seas near Russia.

How America does it? Total ignorance. That is, the government employees claim total ignorance. That is, the government employees don't acknowledge dissent. The government employees will press forward, legal or not, if you cannot stop them. They will make claims of civil rights, compassion, and equality, yet those claims aren't required to be proven. The government employees rely on the lazy nature of the public. They will only do what they want to do, or are forced to do.

So, it's not surprising that the U.S. has developed a global military force in an attempt to make every other country do what the U.S. wants them to do. That being said, still other countries go along with the plans of the U.S.. Why? It's the usual product of every American election, alternative history, a.k.a politics of ignorance. The U.S. will openly ignore it's own wrongs. And its allies expect the same courtesy. The phrase is "you cain't tell own me."

The U.S. government is not Catholic. They don't intend to confess, if you don't force them.

Palm Sunday Coptic Church attack in Egypt.

John Osteen begat Joel Osteen. hn + el = h e l n = Hellenistic

Palm Sunday, on the Julian Calendar, "The solar part of the Revised Julian calendar was accepted by only some Orthodox churches. Those that did accept it, with hope for improved dialogue and negotiations with the western denominations, were the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, the Patriarchates of Alexandria, Antioch, the Orthodox Churches of Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Poland (from 1924 to 2014 but remain permitted to use the Revised Julian calendar in parishes that want it), Bulgaria (the last in 1963), and the Orthodox Church in America (although some OCA parishes are permitted to use the Julian calendar). Thus these churches celebrate the Nativity on the same day that western Christians do, 25 December Gregorian until 2799..." (wikiddBuddy).


Prince: The Breakdown

"You can't use another painting as a model for your own painting. Why not? Because, you need to know how to resolve the image within your painting."

James Torlakson
Realist Painter & Instructor
My first art class at City College of San Francisco

The ravages of Time is more than just about the erosion of the earth crust. In 2014, Arsenio Hall returned to TV as a talk show host. One Hall's first guest was Prince. During the interview, Arsenio asked Prince which song was his favorite. Prince responded, the song 'Breakdown' he had just written for his new album 'Art Official Age.'

If you were to start the two video clips, the interview, and then start the 'Breakdown' at exactly 5:10 minutes into the interview, continue to play them simultaneously, you will find a prearranged conversation between Prince and good friend Arsenio. You'll be able to imagine the two conversing about the past, the ravages of time, and the future. Just before that point, Arsenio asks if Prince ever watches up and comers on talent shows. Prince responds nonchalantly, no, but he was watching a talent show with another good friend, Esperanza Spalding, and that he is more interested in rearranging the music. And so, in bringing up the future, Arsenio even questions Prince as to whether there is a (the infamous) music vault in which Prince has stored unpublished songs. You can also imagine the tragic end as published about Prince, yet to come.

Of course you know that 510 is the area code for Oakland, California, and specifically, Sunnyside is a street in East Oakland. And it was at the Paramount Theater in downtown Oakland in which Prince last performed (Last Judgment). I didn't get a chance to see him when he was here. However, Prince did visit the Oracle arena, which is at the end of my street, which is near Sunnyide, to watch Stephen Curry and the Warriors perform. Shortly after that, the jet that Prince was on made an emergency stop in Moline, Ill. And then, as is stated in the song 'Breakdown' and reported by witness and the police, Prince dies in his elevator.

There is talk about animosity which Prince displayed toward Michael Jackson. Prince once appeared in a performance with James Brown. When he came out on the stage, he was riding on the back of his white bodyguard. Using his mouth, he pulled off from his hands gloves which looked like surgeons gloves. Jackson also performed. He appeared displaying the results of one of his first nose surgeries, the series of surgeries which would change his body, and life. Mein Kampf between Prince and Jackson was a fight over symbolism, racism, sexism, heritage, a war of words, lyrics, notes, musical composition. Step by step, beat by beat. The Prince vs. The King. The bad (good) vs. the bad (bad), or the bad (bad) vs. the bad (good). Doctors vs. Cell Phones. The cooks vs. the Chefs. The Norse vs. the Souse. The up and comer vs. the ole timer.

The ravages of time is more than just about the erosion of earth crust as it grinds against space, time. But ravages relates more to the humans on that crust who are chasing justice for each and every need or want of every person, always, individually and in commune, and the constant regeneration of each and every pursuit, all which rely on time to pay (move) it forward.

The Otis Elevator Company is an American company which pioneered the development of the "safety elevator", invented by Otis in 1852, which used a special mechanism to lock the elevator car in place should the hoisting ropes fail. In 1852 Elisha Otis invented the safety elevator, which automatically comes to a halt if the hoisting rope breaks. After a demonstration at the 1854 New York World's Fair the elevator industry was on its way (wikiddBuddy). Before Otis' invention, buildings rarely reached seven stories (elevators were considered just too dangerous to implement). But it was Otis' elevator that would allow for the creation, and proliferation of, the skyscraper - an explosion that would forever alter the 20th and 21st century skylines (Arch Daily). Coincidentally, one of my nieces ran a construction elevator on the Salesforce building :) And, maybe not so coincidentally, Prince complained about the rise of the internet and technology industry and losing 80% of sales revenue (Salesforce) to internet and technology advances. The Salesforce company is founded on technology advances.

The lyrics to Prince's song Let's Go Crazy 'bear' a resemblance to the final moments of his life, and Elisa Lam (Mic drop, phone drop?). The song was released in 1984 on the Prince and the Revolution album entitled Purple Rain. The song tells of an unwilling addiction to drugs at the behest of doctors whom seek monetary gain from the addiction. This can be described as an enslavement to drugs.

U.S. Title 18 Section 1584 - Sale into involuntary servitude, describes the punishment intended by the U.S. legislature for committing such a crime. At the outset, there was talk from the law enforcement community as to the transportation of drugs across state lines with the intent to distribute and/or sale. 1854 was the year of the demonstration of the Otis elevator at the New York World's Fair, which led to the proliferation of skyscrapers (the skies the limit).

The movie Children of the Corn, also released in 1984, (Kornfeld) tells of addiction, prohibition, and suffrage in a town that has gone crazy. The corn field represents the all encompassing nature of any addiction. The death of every person over the age of 19, in this case, represents prohibition. But soon the age is lowered to 18, because the god was made mad. This is also the age of suffrage. Suffrage was represented by the woman, who was the first to die (hint toward the Bible and Adam and Eve), and the dead. She told the man that she wanted to leave this town early in the movie, but she chose to stay with him and his odd addiction to this town, and her addiction to him. These ideas are generalized (military general) to depict the nature and effect of religious and/or temporal laws on individuals and communities vs. the laws of nature (perhaps military - art and science) which may be found to be self-evident, depending on the individual.

Prince wrote about addiction in his songs, Let's Go Crazy and Breakdown. If you remove the 'c' (cobar construction) from the word addiction, it spells addition. In the song Breakdown, Prince adds, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc., adding one at a time. And, in the interview with Arsenio Hall, he labels a selfie 'one', and he goes on to say usually his favorite song is the 'next one'. He also released the song, The Beautiful Ones. 'One' referring to pressing a higher button on the elevator, a metaphor for the building of tolerance toward a drug and the need to add a little more. It is also a metaphor for a higher power, as in religion, or of a monetary or temporal nature bringing temporary fame and fortune. Michael Jackson released a greatest hits album entitled, Number Ones.

Sadly, Prince had no protege. But he certainly left a legacy, and a symbol. In fact, a protege, his legacy and symbol converge at his brief and little known marriage to military brat Mayte Garcia. In his song Sign o' the Times, released March 30, 1987, the lyrics tell of a time yet to come, a more distant yet artistic premonition of his own life.

Sign o' the Times, the Berlin clock of Prince's cryptic life manifested in the glyph made famous through the release of his 14th album, Love Symbol. Time is electric, as Prince alludes to back in 84' through the upbeat lyrics to the song Let's Go Crazy. Crazy? And the symbol for Love is electric. Crazy in love? Check this out.

Mein Kampf! No, not Berkeley, sorta. Yeah man! Language Studies International, dude. Have chip, will travel, on the shoulders of giants. (side note: most of Sillycon Valley lies under the Bey, remember Superbowl 50). Butt first, epilepsy is listed on Google as:

a neurological disorder marked by sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance, loss of consciousness, or convulsions, associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain. [noun]

It's a noun, a thing! An 'it'! A disruption of electrical communication (Epilepsy Foundation). And, Carmen Electra was the inspiration for it. The symbol of love. And, the current disruption of love soon became his first love, his wife, Mayte.

In science, current is a rate quantity. Specifically, electric current is a flow of electric charge. The equation for electric current is, current = I = Q/t. This equation is also the Love Symbol. Get it? She's a real cutie. Or, he's keeping her on the Q-T, all to himself, quantity. Love, baby gurl. However, the equation quickly becomes complicated. Whole lup whilst iz bbbbreak dis down fer ya, so ya don't haffa ass how duz I diz dat :) Q = quantity of units, and t = time span.

Sure, current is a rate quantity and flow of electric charge. But, ampere (amp) is also a rate quantity of flow of electric charge. So, which is it Camille? Well, turns out yo buddy amp is a unit of electric current. Amp is breakin' it down, or up (see my chic Otis). Which is it Camille? Well, turns up one amp = 1(C/s). Where C = coulomb, and s = seconds passed (notice how slim Prince was?). Whole up, what's a coulomb, stick wit me here. I told you, love is complicated. Remember, Prince left strict orders to instead ask, how much of yo mind is left, pisa! Vamos a ver.

When the first letter of a persons name is used to name a scientific symbol, that letter is capitalized, but not to spell out the name when used to describe the symbol. Prince continued this practice by calling himself, the artist. In the painting, The Last Judgment, do you see the guy sitting on top of the painting. El gato con pescado (the guy with the fish)? That guy is Jonah, said to be one of God's greatest prophets. God stuffed the worm in a fish for disobeying a commission (C) from God. God did this for him committing a sin. So, the fish held him underwater for three days, like Jesus in the cave, then spat Jonah out on land at God's behest. This was to baptize and hold Jonah firm in that baptism until his mind could stand on his own. Ishmael of Moby Dick is contra to this story. There at sea, Ishmael says he will never return to land.

In the Sistine Chapel, Jonah sits atop (on the ceiling) the Last Judgment because Michel Angelo, the artist, interpreted that environment from the order of the Old Testament to the New Testament. However, the message is clear, Jonah was a foundation for Baptism - a source for the will of God, John the Baptist, and preforming the will of God. This is shown as being passed-on to Jesus through the placement of the column (coulomb, unit of measure), seen carried in aloft from the right, unto Christ. The construction reaching down from heaven to earth. Yeah, like lightening. Relampago, pisa!

Now, as I was saying, before I was so rudely disrupted. It turns out that electric current and amp ain't the only fish in the sea (current). There is the other, coulomb, the charge transported by a constant current of one ampere in one second. And finally, for Prince's purposes, we come to le piece de resistance. No not Uhm, from Uhm bridge (ohm). It's voltage.

Voltage is the badass of the gang. It's the bully that pushes everybody around! It's the enforcer. It's the one that will hit you if you screw up. Without voltage, electricity is much ado about nothing. Berlin Clock. Linguistics, Arabic alphabet, Arabic Afrikaans, Afaka syllabary. Breaking it down, g = gravitational, electromagnetic, strong, weak. These are the fundamental interactions Prince faced (facebook).

Get Yourself to the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a 1991 movie starring the African-American actor who graduated from San Francisco State University.

The painting above is "The Last Judgment is a fresco by the Italian Renaissance painter Michelangelo covering the whole altar wall of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. It is a depiction of the Second Coming of Christ and the final and eternal judgment by God of all humanity. The souls of humans rise and descend to their fates, as judged by Christ who is surrounded by prominent saints. Altogether there are over 300 figures."

The Grand Canyon, of course, resides at the bottom of the painting. It even depicts the Colorado River. However, the message of the Grand Canyon is a reference to the effects of time. And, although the painting was dubbed The Last Judgment, it does not look like a reference to the 'end times,' but instead it is a reference to the flow of things.

29 March 2017 in Uvalde County, Texas, there was a fatal church bus accident which took the lives of 13 white elderly men and women who were returning from a retreat with Alto Frio Baptist Church. The cause of the accident was said to have been a 20 year old white male, Jack D. Young, who was driving a white Dodge dually. A white male and his Spanish girlfriend were following the Young and called 911 to report that the driver was dangerously weaving to and fro across the two-lane interstate. They caught the guy on smart phone and requested that the police come and pick the guy up. However, Young, who survived the crash, weaved into the opposite lane one last time and hit the unsuspecting church bus head-on. Of the 14 passengers on board the bus, 13 died, the other was in critical condition. Young said that he was sorry and that he was 'texting' at the time.

There was a question that was put, "why would God allow such a thing to happen?" Especially, since they were church going people returning from a church event.

He yelled repeatedly, "I am God." That was the interchange between a person suspected of having a disturbed mental condition and the police officer who was attempting to take the man into custody. Prior to the interchange, and the church bus crash, it was alleged that the young man was seen by witnesses and caught on camera in a Vallejo Valero convenience store pointing his finger at people and acting as if he were pulling a trigger. The police were called. Once the police arrived, the man ran into the street and sat down on the median. A lone police officer followed and began to take the man into custody. The man resisted. Then the officer began to punch the man. The witnesses standing by complained about the officer, yelling for the officer to stop hitting him. The officer soon drew a flashlight and began hitting the man's arms. The crowd continued to complain and began to approach the officer. At one point the officer drew his weapon and waved it in the direction of the witnesses. Other officers arrived and the man was taken into custody. However, a potential riot situation ensued.

At the start of the movie, Kevin Cline portrays a motorist who's car has stopped operating on a Boulevard at night and in a black neighborhood. His car phone has stopped working. Five black youths pull up and begin to harass him and one of them has a gun. Soon a dually with flashing lights pulls up in front of Cline's car. It is a tow truck. Danny Glover gets out and begins to tow the car, much to Cline's relief. The youth leader, who is the smallest of the group, moves to stop Glover. Glover pulls the youth aside and begins to explain that he is only doing his job and that things were not supposed to flow like this. He asks the youth for the favor of letting him do his job. The youth responds wanting to know whether he was asking out of respect or because he was armed with a gun. Glover says if he did not have the gun, he would not be asking. The youth responded that that is what he already knew. That's why I always have the gun, he twerks. As he walks back to their car with the other youths the acronym 'U. S. A.' can be seen stitched largely across his back.

Cut to Glover and Cline's TV sons simultaneously, but far from each other, watching the same basketball game between Magic Johnson's Los Angeles Lakers (Magic retired November 7, 1991) and the Orlando Magic. Cline has called the wife to tell her that the car broke down and that was why he will be late. They stop at a local upscale pub, the automotive garage, to have a beer (coffee and Coca Cola) with his dueling rescuer. Glover divulges the meaning of Cline's life, as it pertains to the environment he is still in. Glover's wife, who has fallen asleep watching TV comedy series Cheers, misses the waitress Carla ask if they were going to the Grand Canyon. The director intentionally passes on a stop at the pub for the appearance of a more sober and meaningful discussion about the Grand Canyon. In this discussion, alluding to the ravages of time, Glover claims feeling insignificant at the sight of the Grand Canyon. Cline relates, due to his recent brush with the youth.

The movie consists of a Bernard Goetz scenario. Goetz was the active shooter involved in "the 1984 New York City Subway shooting was a shooting in the New York City Subway, in which Bernhard Goetz shot four alleged muggers on a New York City Subway train in Manhattan on December 22, 1984. He fired five shots, seriously wounding all four men." Wikiddbuddy

You Can't Use It!

On Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, 26 Mar. 2017, the political anchor was discussing the Obama wiretapping investigation (brainwashing - mind-reading) with Newt Gingrich on a panel of political pundits. At one point the discussion became heated and Wallace began to address Gingrich through the brainwashing technology. That's right, the brainwashers were broadcasting their telepathic conversation. Gingrich had commented, then Wallace leaned forward and the brainwashers did not broadcast his comment, but the brainwashers delivered the feeling that Wallace was communicating. Then puckering his face in a disgusted expression, Gingrich says, provided by the brainwashers, "you can't use it!" Mike Wallace continued to look on at Gingrich obviously wanting to inject the topic of the brainwashers into the discussion, of course knowing that Gingrich knows about the brainwashing and it's use in the Congress and Senate. However, Wallace did on further push the issue. There has been insinuation through the brainwashing that Gingrich is or was controlling the show, and that's what caused Wallace's animosity toward Gingrich.


Mark Davis! The vote is in, the Raiders may move the team to Las Vegas, Nevada.



Sam Cooke

The Hacienda Motel in Los Angeles was the location for the shooting of Sam Cooke. This the following year after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The murder of Sam Cooke is the basis for the attacks by women on the male population. And continued with the creation of the so-called she-monster Aileen Wournos. This femme-fatale is part of a larger conspiracy going on in America, which revolves around the brainwashing organization. I will show you how.

e = MC^2. Cooke added the "e" to the end of his name in an attempt to make it appear more unique. Former Vice President Dan Quayle attempted to add the 'e' to the end of the word 'potato' while giving a Vice Presidential lecture to a classroom full of elementary school children. Of course, he was quickly corrected by the hawkish chicks. However, and years later, the community of Oakland, Ca. adopted the 'e' concept in their adoption of the 'eBonics' debacle. Apparently, overworked instructors caved-in to the idea that blacks were speaking a language which had previously lie dormant within the black community, until discovered and recognized by the Oakland Unified School District as a bonified language derived from the old English language of the former slave owners of America. See Sir Albert Raymond Maillard Carr, the English historian specializing in the history of Spain, Latin America, and Sweden. Yeah, Sweden says Trump!

The claim of eBonics occurred due to stresses experienced by Cooke and typical to the environment of California, high cost of living, high Asian and Spanish immigration, and high illegal immigration. Due to these factors, Asian and Spanish immigrants were receiving and/or proposing additional funds be earmarked for their use, such as funds for English as a Second Language (ESL).

The murder of Cooke includes the 'set' of four usual suspects, Asian, black, Spanish, and white women, respectively, Elisa Boyer, Bertha Franklin, Evelyn Carr, and Joan Schmitt. The CIA encrypted artwork, Kryptos, contained the valuable phrase as a clue, 'Berlin Clock.' Women are interesting clocks. How about 'Big Bertha' clock, 'Bertha Franklin' clock, or better yet, 'Big Ben' clock, or still better 'Big Bend' clock.

Elisa Boyer

Elisa Boyer is the namesake of 'Liberty Leading the People', liberating the women from the men while taking liberties on the men. She is the hook in this caper.

Bertha Franklin

Bertha Franklin was the African-American woman said to have killed Cooke will a .22 caliber handgun. Bertha was also the name of a new powerful howitzer cannon developed by the Germans during WWI. Bertha plays the role of the enforcer or muscle in this caper.

There is a phrase called 'Jumping the Broom,' which can be found in the story of the murder of Cooke. It was said that Bertha hit Cooke with a broom handle after she shot him, until he died. The origin of the 'Broom' is from the 15th century or farther. But, the application of the phrase 'jumping the broom' in African American slave history is of marital witchcraft. This was why it was said that Cooke was required to sign in with Boyer as husband and wife, he was going to be killed for adultery and bigamy (Big Bertha), after having been given a second chance to consider the fact that he was already married. The reason for the name Boyer was to degrade Cooke from a man (adult-ery) to a boy (slavery) Tutankhamun.

Tutankhamun was a boy may have had a slight cleft palate. Pictures of Cooke after his death show Cooke with a scar on his mouth. This was an intentional attempt to recreate the cleft palate of Tutankhamun. The death of Tutankhamun marked the end of the line for the Thutmoside family line. Two still births followed, and a marriage outside of the family ended in death before the broom could be jumped. Obviously, alchemy involving food (Cooke) was already at work at that time, or a deity.

Also, the solution of passage three comes from Howard Carter's account of the first opening of Tutankhamun's tomb (tomb of the unknown) November 26, 1922. It tells of hot air escaping. This is the first sign of global warming, CO^2 forming in a confined space, and the sign of gunfire (hot air) from a .22 used to kill Cooke. Also, Cooke ran out of the motel room with a sports coat and one shoe. Obviously, he was controlled, like with a thermostat. It was December 11th, the middle of winter, in California, not Florida.

This is repeated in the kitchen with Robert F. Kennedy. This was to be the end of a line to the White House.

Evelyn Carr

The name Evelyn Carr provides a bounty of information into the causes of this case. The namesake can be found in Winfrith, Dorset, England, and it is the cause for finding Cooke's body setting at the door (Dorset) of the manager's office. Kryptos suggest that if you want to find the solution, you'd better 'delve' into 'that' clock. That clock is considered to be a 'set theory' clock. Winfrith was the home of Reginald Henry Maillard Carr, who was the father of Sir Albert Raymond Maillard Carr, the English historian specializing in the history of Spain, Latin America, and Sweden. Dorset was also the home of Winfrith Atomic Energy Establishment (or AEE Winfrith) a United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority site near Winfrith Newburgh in Dorset. This site was home to a demonstration steam-generating heavy water reactor (SGHWR) providing power to the National Grid, as well as to a nuclear research facility. Hence, Cooke's need to use the restroom (heavy water), his need to pee, and his reaction (when he found the girl gone [see Jon Benet Ramsey]), as well as his internal body warmth without clothing in the middle of winter. He was steamed! The site is now split between the nuclear licensed site, the extensive Dorset Green Technology Park (formerly Winfrith Technology Centre) and the headquarters of the Dorset Police, whose police helicopter is based there.

Sir Albert Raymond Maillard Carr is representative of Spanish influences, English influences, and ideas of slavery, of which Cooke expressed lingering resentment toward white men, despite their role in the abolition of slavery, the U.S. Civil War, and the containment of Spanish slavery activities. Carr was born on 11 April 1919, in Bath, a city in the ceremonial county of Somerset, England, known for its Roman-built baths (again, connecting the bathroom to Boyer, Cooke, and his clothing). It appears that it was 44 years and 4 months before the death of Cooke (or BC). Yes! Like the 444 days that the white American men who were taken hostage in Iran by the Islamic student activists of Iran from November 4, 1979, to January 20, 1981. However, this is a math mistake which instead results in 45 years plus 8 months, not less 8 months (U.S. mistake taking in Shah). Cooking with peanut oil.

Thirteen hostages were released November 19–20, 1979, the women and the blacks, and one was released on July 11, 1980 (Cooke Day? - Boyer Day?). An important note, Vice Consul Donald J. Cooke (it was said Sam Cooke had prostitution vices - an alias? DJ Cooke) was released from the hostage-taking January 1981. The women and blacks were said to have been released in 1979. Sam Cooke was born in 1964, which was an election year for the reelection of LBJ over Barry Goldwater. 25 year old, Donald Cooke reminded his fellow hostages that North Korea had previously taken Americans hostage during an election year and that they were not released until the next year following the election. He stated that election year causes the government to become unable to get anything done (you can't do anything)(found at Iran News). Another important note was that Donald Cooke was 25, and 52 hostages were ultimately held and released. Three Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operative were also held for 444 days.

The Centralia massacre, also known as the Armistice Day riot, was a violent and bloody incident that occurred in Centralia, Washington, on November 11, 1919, during a parade celebrating the first anniversary of Armistice Day. In 1850, J. G. Cochran and his wife Anna were led there via the Oregon Trail by their adopted son, a free African-American named George Washington (Washington pioneer), as the family feared he would be forced into slavery if they stayed in Missouri after the passage of the Compromise of 1850. Cochran filed a donation land claim near the Borst Home in 1852, and was able to sell his claim to Washington for $6000 because unlike the neighboring Oregon Territory, there was no restriction against passing legal ownership of land to negroes in the newly formed Washington Territory. Upon hearing of the imminent arrival of the Northern Pacific Railway (NP) in 1872, George Washington filed a plat for the town of Centerville, naming the streets after biblical references and offering lots for $10 each, with one lot free to buyers who built houses. Finding that another town in the south-central part of the state bore the same name, the town was officially incorporated as Centralia on February 3, 1886, so christened by a recent settler from Centralia, Illinois. According to the American Legion, Wobbly Eugene Barnett, stationed in the Avalon Hotel, had a direct shot at Legion Post Commander Warren Grimm's brother and law partner Huber "Polly" Grimm. The bullet from Barnett's high-powered rifle caught Grimm in the chest, passing through his body and eviscerating him where he stood. Legionnaire McElfresh, standing nearby, was next. Hit in the brain by a .22 caliber bullet allegedly fired from Seminary Hill over 500 yards away, he was killed instantly. As the mortally wounded Grimm was dragged to the sidewalk, additional shots rained down on the unarmed Legionnaires. At this point, caught between dying in the open and charging their ambushers, the Legionnaires stormed the Roderick and surrounding buildings (JFK).

Evelyn Carr still remains a most interesting clock, especially when considering the German concubine Eva Braun and Carr's reliance on Franklin (the Franks) for her brawn (Guernica). Carr is the financier of the caper, hence she is the owner of the Hacienda (House) Motel. And, as they say in Las Vegas, the 'house' always wins.

Eva worried about gaining weight and ate next to nothing, until Hitler complained that she was all skin and bone: "I can't understand why it;s supposed to be attractive for women to be as skinny as boys. We like women precisely because of their different shapes..." Nothing could have persuaded her to try the Fuhrer’s diet, although she herself claimed to have a weak stomach, ate very little, just light, easily digestible meals and very little fat and sometimes took medicine for her stomach after meals…. Women always say they want to be attractive for their man and then they do all they can to rebel against his presence. They pretend they’d make any sacrifice to please him while at the same time following fashion slavishly… Women just want to be the envy of their friends. The Fuhrer was a fastidious vegetarian who lived mainly on fresh vegetables, mashed potatoes and pasta, ending each meal with stewed fruit and mineral water. Since Geli’s death in 1931 he had touched no meat or chicken or fish, not even eggs. He claimed to be extremely fussy, although one of his favorite dishes was mashed potatoes laced with linseed oil and topped with grilled cheese. Since, his teens he had drunk no alcohol, apart from a very occasional glass of watered-down sweet white wine. He employed dieticians who were forever inventing new dishes in an effort to appeal to his querulous appetite. His favorite cook was the last, Constanze Manziarly, who joined Hitler’s staff in 1944, aged twenty-four. A Biography: The Lost Life of Eva Braun by Angela Lambert, St. Martin’s Press, 175 Fifth Ave., NY, NY, 10010. 2006, p. 261-262. Manziarly involves four women before her disappearance, and may have died in the hands of Russians.

Joan Schmitt

Joan Schmitt is the wife of music engineer and producer, Al Schmitt. (incidentally, Al Schmitt looks like the manager of my apartment building. Also, I once worked for Hinckley and Schmidt. Another conspiracy story.) Joan is the namesake for the 'arc of justice', 'Joan of Arc,' herr general and judge for the set. This giving her the title equal to a man.

The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.

Another source for Cooke's heat comes from The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abbey Library. 19--. 1099p. Foreword by Sybil Thorndike of Chichester Festival Theatre. King Henry IV, Part 2 Act V, p. 459-464. Spark Notes provides a summary. The vast library of knowledge these concepts present imply that Cooke's impetus nature furthered the scarcity of time he may have had available to spend on his art, family, and the world, while others moved against him. "Do me right, and dub me knight: Samingo." Silence (of Santa Cruz).

During the break in the Flynt, Michigan hearing, this idea of moral universe was demonstrated when a black woman entered through the main door and headed directly for a black male whom appeared to confront a white male. Her actions appearing as justice against the black male for taking action against the white male.

And, the bend (according to the brainwashers) was reached by John F. Kennedy just before reaching Dealy Plaza.

The Uniformed Division of the Secret Service was established in 1922 (.22) as the White House Police, this organization was fully integrated into the Secret Service in 1930. In 1970, the protection of foreign (Asian) diplomatic missions was added to the force's responsibilities, and its name was changed to the Executive Protective Service. The name United States Secret Service Uniformed Division was adopted in 1977.

In the colorful musical Oliver Twist, a woman is unexpectedly severely beaten with an umbrella.

These attacks are of the genre committed against John F. Kennedy or Magic Johnson for committing extra-marital affairs. These attacks are developed through the U.S. brainwashing organization, your government employees. This is also the basis for how Oprah Winfrey rose to her status, the sad story of how she was dating a married man. Oprah coincides with Cooke's song released in 1962, A Whole Lotta Woman, monet-arily and physically.

The fact that Cooke was wearing only one shoe was indicative of his dire situation involving a prostitute, of which he claimed was more reliable because there were no strings attached (the reason he met her through a guitarist friend). Unfortunately, the situation served to animate an English language nursery rhyme titled, Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling, My Son John. His personal 'music set theory' having double 'cross' contaminated his life. His sports jacket was a indicative of the African-American break into American sports industry, which provided tremendous advancement of colored people in America.

Cooke was caught up in what can be called a 'Love Wave' (Kryptos is a Love Wave). Love waves are also known as 'Q' waves (also stated in Kryptos). These are particle waves said to occur on the earth's surface (superficial love) usually during an earthquake. These waves are a type of 'Matter Wave' (Black Lives Matter!) which classify particle waves separate from light or electromagnetic waves. (Classified information transmitted underground - Through-the-Earth (TTE) Lascaux Campus CIA)

Mir Qazi (or Mir Aimal Kasi) was born in Quetta, Pakistan, either on February 10, 1964, or January 1, 1967. He entered the United States in 1991, taking a substantial sum of cash he had inherited on the death of his father in 1989. He travelled on forged papers he had purchased in Karachi, Pakistan, altering his last name to "Kansi", and later bought a fake green card in Miami. He stayed with a Kashmiri friend, Zahed Mir, in his Reston, Virginia, apartment, and invested in a courier firm for which he also worked as a driver. This work would be decisive in his choice of target: "I used to pass this area almost every day and knew these two left-turning lanes (bend) [were] mostly people who work for CIA. "According to Kasi, he first thought of attacking CIA personnel after buying a Chinese-made AK-47 from a Chantilly gun store. The plan soon became "more important than any other thing to [him]." 1993_shootings_at_CIA_Headquarters (see Centralia Massacre).

Have you noticed the talk in politics about this person or that person had committed plagiarism during a recent speech? This topic is more than just happenstance. They arise as a message as to the history of the activities of our government.

The origin of the brainwashing organization was to develop the abilities described in the Bible, if possible. This goal would allow those of the brainwashing organization to become gods, in their eyes, such as the likes of Jim Jones of San Francisco. Through their attacks, they feel they are creating a facsimile of the will of god. However, they are not all necessarily religious.

The blacks have been waging a Sistine Chapel campaign. I you look at the bottom of the mural called "Last Judgement," you will see dark figures. They are depicted as being in hell. The blacks have been trying to drag society into hell. That is the reason behind killing MLK at the Lorraine (low reign) Motel. And, in California, that has played out as drought (low rain) conditions. Rappers, Oprah, Magic Johnson, Maxine Waters, Lil Johnny Lewis, Donna Cunningham, on and on, have continued that black agenda of bringing society down.

Black women specifically have been the most useful tool in achieving this attack on society. The two blacks who were instrumental in these attacks were Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice, who resided over the 911 attacks (Breakfast in America). They are not interested in nation building. They don't want to invest in the black community. They would rather the black community be finance through the federal government, such as welfare. Obama was a tool to bring society down, hence the earthquake in Haiti. Literally, bringing society (hacienda) down. Turning Europe and Asia in to a nuclear powder keg is another way of bringing society down, Berkeley style. The latest women's movement came about with Jimmy Carter who removed Affirmative Action in favor of a 'Women's Policy,' hence the rise of San Francisco and Nancy Pelosi. Yeah, Iran hostage taking. And there's alot of that going on in America. Prior to Jimmy Carter dropping Affirmative Action, the women of San Francisco were actively (the original active shooter) trying to shoot former President Gerald Ford.

There is the 1818–1819 painting by the French artist, Théodore Géricault The Raft of the Medusa which depicts poor French citizens who were set adrift after the ship-wrecked. It was a French Navy vessel which was carrying French Officials to Senegal, Africa. There were too few life boats, so an improvised raft was created. However, when the raft became a burden, which carried only lower ranking men, the life boats cut the raft loose and sailed on to Senegal. The men starved to death or were eaten by sharks, after cannibalizing the dead. They were finally rescued by the USS Argus. Gus is the idea of a renegade slave and freedman from the 1915 silent film, "Birth of a Nation."

Haiti used to be French territory before a violent slave revolt. France is the namesake for San Francisco, California, hence they have a very bad black culture, like France, despite all of the time France has spent in Africa.

Speaking of shipping, the novel 'Moby Dick' had a cook in the story. There is the protagonist, Ishmael (I), and Pequod the black cook (e). In this manner, connects Sam Cooke with Cookie Johnson, cook(I)(e), from the LBJ (English) era. They say Magic was a man of modest literary skills. Ishmael and the Pequod were in a homosexual relationship. Ishmael even stated that he did not ever want to return to land again, but to remain at see with the men. These connections lead to the Castro district of San Francisco (peanut oil - pee nut oil). As Nancy Pelosi has said, San Francisco is not male-ish (Ishmael) but instead it is female-ish. And , there in lies the wrath of the medusa (medical), women who are at war against the world (James D. Wilson II, Kim Jung Nam, Jackie Speier).


Bernard Goetz

The interesting thing is that for all of the bad things happening to black people, they still don't talk about the U.S. brainwashing weapon. Bernard Goetz is grouped with the Cambridge Five, Jeffery Dahmer, and the Atlanta Child Killer. He may even have solicited the black males for sex. The law community is in bed with Goetz.

Bernard Goetz's attack on black men was motivated from the 38 Geary Line (38 caliber) in San Francisco in the Haight-Ashbury district. He hated them. The blacks of San Francisco complain that their historic presence in the Haight is dwindling due to a constant in-flow of European immigrants. Much like the activity of the males who were on the train, there must not have been much activity in the black areas, until Goetz came along (Switzerland). Goetz is also connected to the OJ case.

During Goetz's confession, he randomly refers to 'The City', government stating that the city government is just too much. Goetz was born in Queens, and as Yiannoplis puts it, relates him to queens, homosexuals of San Francisco.

The Holy Year!

2017 is a Holy year. It begins on a Sunday and ends on a Sunday. However, our Church leaders must have been overwhelmed by current events, because they have not brought that good news to the public nor arranged for any special considerations, plans, or expansion. They have announced that Lady Gaga will perform at Superbowl 51, but is should have been the clergy. Sure, you might like Lady Gaga Googoo, but this is not a leap year, it's a Holy year.

This should be a big Superbowl for more reasons than one. Lady Gaga throws the football to who she says is her father off screen. However, there is the controversy of her father, clergy fathers, and Jim Jones the cult father. And, if you multiply the number 17 times 3, it equals 51! Numbers! There should be clergy at the Superbowl from around the world who represent the fathers of the nations. Not only the Bible, but all the numbers.

An interesting note:

Emma [Ron] Goldman, June 27 [O.S. June 15], 1869 – May 14, 1940, was an anarchist known for her political activism, writing, and speeches. She played a pivotal role in the development of anarchist political philosophy in North America and Europe in the first half of the 20th century. Goldman's Orthodox Jewish family lived in the Lithuanian city of Kaunas (called Kovno at the time, part of the Russian Empire). Emma Goldman was born on June 27, 1869.[8] Her father used violence to punish his children, beating them when they disobeyed him. He used a whip only on Emma, the most rebellious of them. Her mother provided scarce comfort, calling only rarely on Abraham to tone down his beatings. Goldman later speculated that her father's furious temper was at least partly a result of sexual frustration. Later in Papilė she witnessed a peasant being whipped with a knout in the street. This event traumatized her and contributed to her lifelong distaste for violent authority.

On September 6, 1901, Leon Czolgosz, an unemployed factory worker and registered Republican with a history of mental illness, shot US President William McKinley twice during a public speaking event in Buffalo, New York. McKinley was hit in the breastbone and stomach, and died eight days later. Czolgosz was arrested, and interrogated around the clock. During interrogation he claimed to be an Anarchist and said he had been inspired to act after attending a speech held by Goldman. The authorities used this as a pretext to charge Goldman with planning McKinley's assassination. They tracked her to a residence in Chicago she shared with Havel, as well as Mary and Abe Isaak, an anarchist couple. Goldman was arrested, along with Abe Isaak, Havel, and ten other anarchists.

Earlier, Czolgosz had tried but failed to become friends with Goldman and her companions. During a talk in Cleveland, Czolgosz had approached Goldman and asked her advice on which books he should read. In July 1901, he had appeared at the Isaak house, asking a series of unusual questions. They assumed he was an infiltrator, like a number of police agents sent to spy on radical groups. They had remained distant from him, and Abe Isaak sent a notice to associates warning of "another spy".

Although Czolgosz repeatedly denied Goldman's involvement, the police held her in close custody, subjecting her to what she called the "third degree" [Third Reich]. She explained their distrust of him, and it was clear she had not had any significant contact with Czolgosz. No evidence was found linking Goldman to the attack, and she was eventually released after two weeks of detention. Before McKinley died, Goldman offered to provide nursing care, referring to him as "merely a human being". Czolgosz, despite considerable evidence of mental illness, was convicted of murder and executed.

(wiki dd buddy).

Leon Czolgosz = Noel ZZ Cool Ga(Acadia's Noel Doiron)s = Noel ZZ Cool Gas = ZZ Top

ZZ Top is an American rock band that formed in 1969 in Houston, Texas. The band is composed of bassist and lead vocalist Dusty Hill, guitarist and lead vocalist Billy Gibbons (the band's leader, main lyricist and musical arranger), and drummer Frank Beard. The name of the band was Gibbons' idea. The band had a little apartment covered with concert posters and he noticed that many performers' names utilized initials. Gibbons particularly noticed B.B. King and Z.Z. Hill and thought of combining the two into "ZZ King", but considered it too similar to the original name. He then figured that "king is going at the top" which brought him to "ZZ Top".

CO2 was discovered in 1850. British patent A. Twining mentions CO2.
1860 S.C. Lowe builds a CO2 refrigeration system.
1860 C02 becomes more widely used in following years.
1920 - 1930 CO2 refrigeration systems peak.
1950 - 1960 Last CO2 systems installed in marine application.
1993 CO2 refrigeration technology revives.

So, it's obvious the OJ caper was staged, complete with ZZ Top's "Cheap Sunglasses," using the U.S. Government employees' brainwashing weapon. This is also a good reason for the UK to pull out of the EU, who is wearing U.S. cheap sunglasses.

Grand Master Flash and the Furious "SF Five"

There are always underlying movements which may or may not relate directly or indirectly with current events. But make no mistake about it. It did not just begin. It's delivered as often as the wind "Kurtis Blows!" If you listen to the lyrics, they will tell you about current events and the involvement of women, including in the jail cell.

Mario Woods adopted the tactic of Community College of San Francisco teacher Tanaka Gaines and her Asian students and kept doing what would eventually kill him. It did not kill Tanaka, but it did influence Woods. One more for the women, uh Greg (Craig)? Do not give up to the women, Greg.


This girl is on fire, and it's a big one. A woman from Canada sued the U.S. government over the use of the project MKUltra on her. But, Canada ultimately began participating in the brainwashing. That's how the brainwashing works. You are invited to use it. Then they turn on you once having become empowered. The women in the brainwashing say they were used because they thought I would automatically like them. Read about another Canadian case...

The MDA was not administered for any therapeutic reason. Blauer was scheduled to be released from the hospital in a few weeks. His objections to the series of injections, which were causing him great pain and discomfort, were overridden by manipulative hospital personnel. Blauer was threatened before the fourth nonfatal dose that if he didn't give his consent, he would be moved out of the Institute to hospital settings that displeased him. The fourth dose caused a violent reaction. The fifth killed him. The Army began its cover-up immediately, the sordid details of which are recounted in the 1987 court decision awarding the Blauer estate $707,044. The court affixed blame for Blauer's needless death totally on the U.S. government.

Sounds like Michael Jackson and Prince, eh?

Black Cop

A black cop is shown hitting a woman. The women have already attacked the male population, the males are cowards. The women have attacked America and the world in the name of empowering women. They have worked with the advanced technology brainwashing to murder, torture, rob, and cheat their way to success. Men may have an impulse to save her once someone begins to defend them self. But, she will continue her attacks, searching for some way to wrest power from the world. The Queen of England ruled over Obama's Kenyan colony. That's why the U.S. government employees fabricated the half-black president who was not related to Native African American descendants. Pure sex, class, and racism.

Costa Mesa

They say the Spanish were on the attack in Costa Mesa after a Donald Trump, republican gathering. The Spanish are big on the brainwashing weapon. They have based their whole lives on it. But, they are not speaking about it, although they cried for free speech at the Trump gathering. The gathering became violent. Government and news agencies are claiming that Trump is inciting violence, however, that has long been the nature of the brainwashing organization, long before Trump entered the arena. Just look at the Spanish high crime rate, especially the graffiti.


The purple Prince passes at his Paisley Park palace purportedly paled by prescription and pain.
Prince had been involved in the brainwashing. The brainwashers eventually reclaim people who have been working or "using" the technology, especially if they let themselves become vulnerable to some vice or passion. It is a U.S. government employee sponsored music industry term called "hooking," simultaneously hooking persons on drugs and the brainwashing (MKUltra). The killing of Michael Jackson and Prince involve being killed by American institutions. That is, they weren't killed by drug dealers on the street. They were killed while involved with people who were graduated by American institutions.

In the case of the black community, the black female is being used to destroy the black community from within, as a poison similar to heroin, not heroine. The black males have been frightened by U.S.government employee led attacks on the black population using AIDS or Ebola, such as in the case of Magic Johnson.

These are merely the facts about our U.S. government employees and what is happening in the White House and the mindset of our government employees whom are asking the American people to hold their secret in the name of American patriotism, like the case of the 911 event. Remember the Flint, Michigan hearing video?

U.S. Government

The U.S. Government - a common [smooth] criminal

I Know What Valerie Plame Wilson Did Last Summer

Scooter Libby (Libya) received a two year sentence for divulging Plame's name and occupation in the CIA. It was claimed by Plame that Libby did this in retaliation against her husband, former Ambassador Joe Wilson. The retaliation was said to have been for her husband writing an article claiming that former President Bush Jr. lied using "sixteen words" which claimed that Great Britain had found that Iraq was trying to acquire uranium "yellow cake." She claimed that this illegally instigated the war in Iraq. However, Plame clearly does not understand the roles involved in this case.

Republicans retaliated that Plame was nothing more than a glorified secretary (not Secretary of the Treasury). However, it was responded that Plame was involved in many activities and was responsible for several employees under her. It has been found that there are certain circumstances which show that there was a connection to a source of yellow cake, including another Arab nation and other events in American history.

Plame claimed that she was tasked to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons. She claimed that Iraq was not trying to acquire yellow cake from Niger. However, it was found that Niger was under constant pressure and attacks from Libya in an attempt to overthrow the country and thereby gain the natural resources of yellow cake. In fact, Kadafi attempted to escape to exile in Niger. But he was killed brutally while in route.

It appears that Plame was another patsy. That the so-called smoking "sixteen words" was actually a reference to the U.S. Constitution, specifically, the Sixteenth Amendment. Parts of Article I state:

Section 8, Clause 1, The Congress shall have Power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.

Section 9, Clause 4, No Capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in proportion to the Census or Enumeration herein before directed to be taken.

It has been argued that the Sixteenth Amendment is constitutionally illegal by income tax protesters. This amendment was created, among other reasons, to raise the funds necessary to wage war! Plame has experienced a conflict of interest due to the involvement of her husband (an Ambassador) and his claims to inside knowledge into the relations of Iraq and her role in the CIA (the former War Department). Clearly, Plame was targeted by more knowledgeable entities for not only her partisan beliefs, but for her willingness to divulge such classified information. This topic of classified information and war would soon arise again with another female government democrat, Hillary Clinton and the Bengazhi attack. Call it a tax vs. attacks.

However, Plame did touch on a very important point which has had a long history in the U.S.. It was brought up in the 1798 State of the Nation Address to Congress by then President John Adams. It was the subject of protecting the health of the citizens who may contract illness through commerce as well as for the protection of the commerce and revenue.

In 1812, an income tax was first proposed to raise revenue to pay for the war fought to protect commerce. At the time, the Secretary of the Treasury was Alexander James Dallas (yes, Dealy Plaza). It has been said that JFK was killed over Monet (Money). Needless to say, the topic was of war and piece (peace). Thereafter, the commerce of the communist state to the south, Cuba, had suffered under a U.S. imposed embargo. That is until Huck Finn Obama came along and opened relations again.

There have been many other attempts to fund the government through enacting taxes and legislation for contributions. An income tax was passed to pay for the Civil War in 1861. In 1894 (not 1984), the Wilson-Gorman (not Wilson-Valerie, or Kennedy-German) Tariff Act was proposed. It was popular in the south, however, it was claimed that this tax was based on misguided principles. I can still know what you did last summer.

J F K R F K M L K -- 3 secrets

JFK -- Spanish -- After visiting, the "casinos" of Las Vegas ("the meadows"), Kennedy was assassinated near the "grassy knoll."

RFK -- Muslim -- In spanish, "cocino" means, "I cook." First, there was the "kitchen debate," between Nikita Kruschev and Dick Nixon. Then there was the kitchen assassination of Robert F. Kennedy by Sirhan Sirhan (cobar construction).

MLK -- Aryan -- Lo Reign -- Cal drought -- no llueve -- arid

The brainwashing weapon is the assortment of advanced weapons akin to the Da Vinci code. Da Vinci was an artist who fell into designing elaborate or advanced weapons. This art and weaponry is the basis of the brainwashing weapon. For instance, it is said that JFK was killed over Monet. Monet is a synonym for "money." However, it is the painting, "A Sunday Afternoon on the lle de la Grande Jatte," which is the basis for life imitating art and the assassination of JFK on Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas.

Mona may also be pronounced Monet. Mona Lisa was painted by Da Vinci. It was said that Oswald was on the sixth floor. The Air Force would say that he didn't check his six, the Berlin Clock. If Mona were to turn around, she would have a clear shot over the Ile de la Jatte.

Today, Trump would call it the Mexican or Hispanic Bowl. But, really it's a Tex-Mex Bowl. Actually, it's not bowling at all, but rather the white spectators fall as if the magic carpet has been pulled from underneath them.

Others are relating that fateful day to Mother's Day (Mother Russia), Mother Goose (the Queen Mother), the daughter of Muhammad, Fatima Zahra’s birthday, which is also designated as Mother's Day in Saudi Arabia (the closure of Our Lady of Fatima). And these relate to JFK and the militancy of the Catholic church from a Protestant land shot from the side by Zapruder, RFK the Catholic lawyer who received fuel from Iran for the kitchen, then sided with Israel. MLK, the Baptist who was Lutherin' was killed for the little boy (John the Baptist) and the fatman (Martin Luther and King Albert).

Alameda County Sheriff's Office

A common criminal lives in fear that he or she will be caught for something they have done. For example, recently, I went to an Alameda County, California Sheriff's office to find out how to file for a records search. There was a black woman in uniform aiding a pale looking white male. She was courteous and informative. When she finished, she began to help me. Then another black woman came in and said, I will take over. And, she commented that the other woman was new.

She began yelling. In trying to figure out the information I needed, I also wanted to figure out what her problem was. I stepped out into the hall and found two Sheriff's Deputies in the hall. One was pacing parallel to the office I was in on the other side, the other was farther down the hall standing with his back toward the wall. The looked aggressive, but odd. So, my nature was to find out why she was yelling and what the two in the hall thought they were going to do. So, I went back into the office and began questioning her why she was behaving the way she was. In the end she was totally unreasonable, and I left with the information I could glean. The first woman didn't even want to look at her, as if she was scared.

Recently, I was watching the Warriors' 73rd win at Hooter's in San Bruno. I notice a new black girl working, much to my surprise. There was also a new Asian girl working there. Her name tag read, "new girl." I asked her for her name, she said no, I want to keep it. Just kidding. She said her name is Kara. And, while at Hooter's, the women in the brainwashing were saying the whole time, "it's the police." So, I noticed the law enforcement had not only taken over Hooter's, but they were trying to take over the peninsula. Remember, the Santa Clara Jail issues? Also, you may know that France had a black woman Justice minister that they had to let go because she was using the brainwashing on the public. So, all the elements were at Hooter's, the law community, white, black, Spanish, and the Asians.

Petrov was severely beat by the Alameda County Sheriff's Deputies after I encountered the Sheriff's office. At least that night, Hooter's was situated based on that scenario. And prior to Hooter's, the FBI was said to have arrested Petrov. The reason was said to be related to drugs or such. But, the real reason is that law enforcement is constantly being charged with crimes or losing their jobs for illicit behavior. When the U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder tried to charge the Ferguson cop who shot and killed Michael Brown, Holder announced the following day that he will be retiring. Why? Several reasons. Holder resembles a black man and the cop is white. The black community projects an image of being anti-law. There is actually no law in the U.S., only gun toting yahoos. So, the law community believed that Petrov brainwashed the two deputies, and they set out a lynching. The KKK is a remnant of the Spanish Inquisition, which is a remnant of the Rosicruicians, which arose out of Germany, which was conquered by Rome, which was conquered by Christianity, which arose from Judaism, which fled Egypt, which is said to be East of Eden, which is said to originate in Africa.

The government employees are hiding behind guns. There is no law. Our law community is adopting illegal immigration ideas due to stresses being placed on the law community by the brainwashing organization. And, when these stresses are placed, the law turns into an El Chapo, who claims that they have to do it that way in order to make money. So, when the boys are stressed, they will fight, as seen in the video of the Santa Clara Jail. This is the war against boys. They are said to be, not bright people, despite all the information you may provide to them.

Our government employees have called people traitors, which is an attempt to cover-up their acts against citizens of the world. Because we are in a democracy, it does not mean that we have to hold government secrets like we are Enron employees. I don't intend to hold the secrets of my government employees. They must walk in the light. They can bring their union with them. They have been brainwashing the world for a long time, I want a public confession and compensation.

U.S. Military

They say you're military. Can you sue the military in the U.S.? Are U.S. lawyers covering up the law, especially since Obama been laid-in the White House?

While complaining about the language of Donald Trump, the U.S. government employees have brainwashed the American citizens to prevent them from talking about the U.S. brainwashing weapon. The U.S. government employees have committed a coup long ago, but the U.S. citizen has not realized it yet.

The Fatima

Christian Jews were denied leadership positions in Israel due to the perpetration of the U. S. brainwashing weapon of Mass destruction hoax called the Fatima. The Fatima was a Jewish concocted attempt to demonstrate that Christianity was a false religion and unworthy of leading the return to Israel, which is written in the book of Revelations.

So, in getting revenge for the infamous Spanish inquisition, the Jews were highly successful in utilizing the Spanish and the Muslims in the war against boys. In this case, the boy being Jesus Christ.

Jackie Speier vs. Garnett Spears

It's a war against all women! Congresswoman Jackie Speier shouted this quote while giving a speech at San Francisco State University, a brainwashing university. Speier wrote a book entitled "This Is Not the Life I Ordered," table salt please.

Jared Lee Loughner shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Dee "Gabby" Giffords in the head. The her brain was the target, although he also shot and killed a little girl and 5 other people, while injuring 13 others. Giffords is Jewish and was in her third term in the Congress. Wiki says Giffords also had worked for Price Waterhouse. I was at SFSU at the time. Loughner was a look alike for the College of Business Student Services director.

I wrote a Laney College paper on literature from an anthology textbook in an English 1A/1B course. The story from the text was called, "The war against boys." Now that I think about it, I can imagine Jaycee Dugard and her girls suffering in Phillip Garrido's backyard through the life of the girls, and beyond. I can imagine them held prisoner in the WAB, like at Guantanamo Bay.

On Mar 6 or 7, 2016, I was surfing the tv and came across the American Idol talent show. Seacrest was talking to someone with a microphone, as soon as the show appeared, Seacrest looked at the camera, then turned to looked several rows up the aisle and pointed to a woman sitting in the audience in an end seat. The white-woman quickly stood up and bold writing could be seen on her shirt. Then Ryan Seacrest read the writing as if in poor Afro-Amer ethnic lingo, "I is yo momma," without looking at her. They seemed to be asking for the story.

Rewinding, I went to an Orientation at SFSU. There were several options to tour departments on the campus. I choose the Business department, and the Culinary department, which was a loosely related portion of the Business department. The culinary program was a new program, complete with new kitchens and a dining room. I have cooked in the military and in Las Vegas hotels for many years. However, I was not interested in a culinary degree, yet I was still interest in seeing the setup. I know that the program was offered because they had knowledge of my experience and accolades. In the culinary industry, too much salt is always a major concern. It is both an easy mistake to make, but even more easy to avoid by only adding a minimal of salt while tasting with a clean spoon, adding salt last, and allowing the diner to add the final salt-to-taste at the table.

Garnett Spears lived for 5 years. His mother, Lacy Spears, was found guilty of poisoning him with excessive amounts of table salt. Psychiatric examiners claim that Lacy may have Munchhaus en syndrome. I don't believe Garnett's mother had Munchhausen syndrome. I believe she wanted a girl and the brainwashers used that disappointment to cause her to make [dis] appointments with physicians.

Salt is an element from a different table, the periodic table. It is the 11th element and is represented by "Na" or called Sodium. Sodium is found in abundance throughout the earth. In the Bible, while fleeing, Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of salt when she turned to look back at the cities Sodom and Gomorrah after God had told her not to do that. Although there are plenty of boys or children on the earth, some may still believe Garnett was a special element.

Flint, Michigan

You can watch the following video at YouTube, Gov. Snyder, EPA administrator testifying on Flint water crisis. It shows the state of our government on the brainwashing weapon. During the recess, you can see the children playing in the hearing room immediately on camera and in the background, including the cop reaching for his weapon at the hearing room door when a frizzy- haired black woman enters the room and makes a beeline for an unsuspecting black male.

Subsequent to this hearing, it was reported that a man who frequented the Capitol, brought a hand gun with him and started waving it around. It was also reported that he claimed that he was a "prophet of God." It can be deduced that this relates to Congress' complaints to Governor Snyder's claims that he was running his Michigan state government as a "business," "for- profit." Prophet of God would relate to the supposed recent attack on the Los Angeles school system which shut down the school system for a day due to an email bomb from a secret location in Germany. The New York Chief of Police claimed that they had received a similar letter last year and knew that it was a fake because the sender did not capitalize the word "Allah." He stated that this was an obvious hoax because no self-respecting terrorist would have used the name Allah and not use proper grammar (Shirley Chisholm School of Thought). This relates to the two fingers the cameraman held up toward his cell phone during the break. Two emails (e - males). As you could see in the video, when the camera man went down, two men got the message. The first man was white, the second was black. It was the black man who approach the area and sat down for the message. Then, having swallowed the bait, other white people around the cameraman moved the cameraman out of view, then began to work on the black man. Soon, the frizzy haired woman is seen moving down stream from the door to flop in front of the black male.

I was told by the women in the brainwashing that the brainwashers are getting into my website because they are reading the minds of the people who are operating the internet technology and bypassing the systems. Whether that is true or not? She went on to say that the Asian women are using it. Channel 5 news, CBS has an Asian woman who has a facial appearance that makes her look like a female Fu Manchu. And her jaws or fat. ;) And she does demonstrate that they are giving her information about my thoughts. And, I have seen more of this in Chinatown, Oakland.

The U.S. News Corp

The news corps have been using the brainwashing weapon. They were even claiming to have used it to kill U.S. citizens. The news programs are often openly coordinated by the brainwashing weapon. The anchors are saying that they cannot speak about the weapon. I am sure that it was the behavior of the news corp, in regard to the brainwashing weapon, that ISIS began demonstrating executions on reports and reporters. Executions relates to executive decision-making.

News anchors are not super-heroes, they are politicians.

You can't be Catholic and lead England, JFK. Nor can you be black.

The Women

When rising in the morning to write about the U.S. brainwashing weapon, the women communicating through the brainwashing weapon said "I will be killing your black people." The white news agencies won't report on the brainwashing weapon.

The women are simultaneously participating in bringing down male activities, seeing that the males are cowering away from talking about the brainwashing weapon, and watching non-white males die around the world on a regular basis. The women are telling the public that they don't identify with the men and are going to talk about the issues of the women, while they know that the males, like Asians and blacks are being held hostage by the male counterparts of the women.

The women have survived relatively unscathed while the men and boys have been killed around the world by women, police, and other men. The men don't talk about it because they are cowards. For instance, take Ryan and Shana. Ryan the lawyer would not defend himself against Shana the student, and he ultimately committed suicide by allowing Shana to shoot him with his own gun. He had been conditioned to commit suicide. Not by cop, but by woman. That is what is going on today with women consistently repeating "empowered." Take Donna Cunningham for instance. The women are even claiming that you can't have sex unless you "like" them or let them use the weapon, on you and the rest of the world, like Ryan.

So, the women stalk me from within the brainwashing organization. They say your going to kill it (the brainwashing). I reply, better to kill them first. They stalk literally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I have called the government employees, federal, state, and local and they all claim that it doesn't exist (atheism?) or say they will relay the message, but the government employees never admit the problem. By not admitting the problem, the government employees can kill the dupe citizens of the world, at will. So, the women continue their attack, remember Ryan, at will.

They even want to get into the White House. They will even work with enemies, such as in the case of Gonzales, the White House intruder with a knife. Gonzales was the name Casey Anthony gave as the babysitter who was responsible for her child, Caylee Anthony. Caylee, was missing, then found dead. These female acts against children have continued because of the involvement of women in the brainwashing attacks on the U.S. public. These attacks have been taking place for a long, long time. Emma Goldman was involved in the assassination of U.S. President McKinley. So, when they ask to be empowered, especially when they are killing the public, you have to realize what they are trying to achieve, white supremacy.

Elisa Lam


On a California vacation, Chinese-Canadian student, Elisa Lam, checked into the Cecil Hotel, in 2013.

Kaiser Shipyard

During WWII, Henry J. Kaiser developed a shipyard that came to be known as one of the most productive shipyards in the world. The feminine icon, Rosie the riveter arose from that shipyard. The name riveter was a reference to the building of ships and small steel rivets which were used to hold the ships together. However, riveter was also an allusion to the equally empowering story of the feminine myth of Medusa. The story of Medusa was carried on into another ship voyaging story and its well-known painting called The Wrath De La Medusa. After the war, Kaiser turned from the shipyard business, to the steel business, and subsequently to the Med USA business.

However, currently, there have been unfortunate instances of using steel and lead in the City of Richmond, California. There have been 7 freeway shootings along the Richmond portion of I80. These shootings began after U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch paid a visit to the city of Richmond police department, September 25, 2015. The highway shootings began November 2, 2015. Libby Schaaf won the November 4, 2014, Oakland Mayoral election.


A message from the native African-American set, one says small set in order to amplify that one really means a set and not a proper class (stop yelling!). You can study small sets and cobar construction at NLab Small Category and at NLab Bar and Cobar Construction. The use of the "N" in NLab relates to Obama's use of the "N" word while presenting his book, Dreams of My Father, at a Harvard sponsored book reading presentation.

The era of the Cuban controversy begins with the revolution in Cuba which led to a socialist government. The word "revolution" supplies a circular connotation to the construction equation. Recently, a Spanish male armed himself with a hand gun and then robbed a San Francisco peninsula gun store of a rifle. He then traversed to San Francisco and climbed on top of a construction elevator and began pointing the rifle at San Francisco police officers who had quickly arrived on the scene. The police fatally shot the male. This was not just a connotation to cobar construction, but a real life example of cobar construction.

Muhammad Ali, the world-renowned professional boxer, bobs and weaves the Muslim community into the story of Cuba on February 25, 1964, in Miami Beach, Florida. That was the date and city of the first fight between the challenger, then called "Cassius Clay," and the then reigning Heavyweight Champion, Sonny Liston. Cuba was said to have been a mob haven at that time, and so too was Sonny Liston alleged to have had mob connections. This marks the coalgebra associative nature of Cuba, Liston, and Clay. Clay beat Liston in seven rounds, and the following year, Cuba became a communist country.

Barbara Lee

Barrack Obama

The Iran Hostage taking/Contra scandal was a clue to the arrival of Obama. The Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia and the cobar construction count down was another clue to the arrival of Obama. You can read more about the mechanics of this complex equation at cobar construction.

Cobar construction relates to the Khobar Towers bombing and 911, the "emergence" "C" of Obama been laid-in the White House.

Now that Obama has left the White House, Lefty O'douls of San Francisco is calling it quits. However, the Lefty O'douls of Hoboken is still going strong, now open 24 hours. It appears that the first left-handed president will be calling it home in Washington D.C.. The Washington D.C. Bar Association should be receiving a call from Obama any day now seeking to construct a lucrative local bar establishment for power thirsty pundit hopefuls. In the meantime, it might be wise to go over the denouement to the cobar construction of the bipartisan legislative catcher in the rye journey through the White House hole.

In the book, Catcher in the Rye, the story is told by the protagonist from an undisclosed institution in California. I think we can safely call the institution, California (democrats). In fact, the Zodiac Killer acts out the plot in the San Francisco Bay Area, Benicia (been I CIA), Vallejo (valley), Lake Berryessa (Sex to); I been to CIA sex valley, SF. (Man De LA). In the book, the protagonist says that he is going to return to the unpopular electoral college, in the meantime, he keeps the voting booth on his head to catch the falling children, ballots (ballets).

The HUD Sucker Proxy

The HUD Sucker Proxy was put into action with the bringing of Obama to the White House. It was preceded by the housing bubble crash and the fall of Fannie Mae. Franklin Raines, a black man, was the head of the Fannie Mae organization. Little does Franklin Raines know, he was used to create the housing crisis (c-r-isis).

Obama demonstrated compliance with the HUD Sucker Proxy when he declared that Marine One does not need all of the maintenance it was receiving, in an attempt to lower maintenance costs. Subsequently, during the supposed attack on Osama, a stealth helicopter crashed on a wall in the white house type compound in Pakistan where it was claimed that Osama lived. The proxy is a Munchausen concept developed by the brainwashers and to advance white people.

Go Threesome: Panama Paper vs. Heidi Fleiss vs. Monica Lewinsky

If you can get past the SS.

Whitey Bulger

This is the history of the white men around the world and their RICO nature against the citizens of the world. For example, the white riots of Oakland. Recently, I was in a Smart and Final grocery store. While standing in line, I asked a white woman, who was standing in front of me, about the white riots that took place in Oakland. She claimed to not have any idea of what I was talking about. The women in the brainwashing claim that it's because the whites believe that "you can't just talk about it." So, I realized that the white riots was a form of bringing back "whitey guilt." Whereas, in the case of the LA riots, if the subject were to be brought up, the blacks would talk about the event openly. It can be deduced that the whites live by double standards and the blacks live by one standard. The whites commit acts, to which they may benefit, but claim to represent something totally different in the community. While the blacks are more simple and make simple claims.

Power Structures

Recently, I attended a course at Chabot College in Hayward, Ca. The course was an introduction to Assembly Language. During the course, I spoke with the teacher about data structures and databases, and he pointed out that they were two different things. Obviously, they are in course selection, but lately I found myself talking to people while out and about, about power structures. Like assembly language, power structures build up the usability of equipment. And of course, I was thinking of an event that happened locally.

The blacks in the San Francisco Bay Area have been behaving oddly. They have been determined to call themselves the "N" word. This while like Jada Pinkett, claimed that they were a powerful people. However, everyone in California knows that there are always instances of altercations between blacks and the police. One of the latest occurrences is the Mario Woods theatrics which took place in the San Francisco, Bay View/Hunters' Point district. As a result of that choreography, there has been demonstrations at the San Francisco City Hall calling for the resignation of the police chief.

However, after days of demonstrations by a menagerie of protestants, it was announced that only the Mayor or the Police Commission could remove the Chief. So, it turns out, like Mario himself, the protestants did not understand the end result of the altercation. They did not understand power structures. The black power structure was relying on Obama, executive support, to provide a power source of power structure. This could be seen in the behavior of the black women during Obama's campaign and while he was in office.

When Obama came on the scene, I said that would not be voting for him. Then the black women began to fight with me. I mean, a black woman, on Laney campus, actually balled up her fist and began to march right at me shaking her fist, with a scowl on her face, like she was going to punch me. I didn't even know this woman. But as I said before, it appears that the blacks don't understand power structures. I tried to discuss the brainwashing weapon with my brothers, they run from the topic. So, needless to say, the Obama power structure did not work.

Well, there is a whole other world surrounding the 'Coming to America' of Obama, from Zamunda :) But power structures are something that the white men have been working on around the world. And, if the other races don't understand power structures, then you will end up at the white men, because some of them do.

An example of one attempt at a power structure is the Levelle Mixon theatrics. OPD used the idea of the lintel as a physical symbol of a structure. The lintel over the doors of the City of Oakland City Hall meeting rooms. Installing the names of the four kryptos type cops over the doors of the meeting rooms. This act creates the belief of a "power structure." In this case, it is a cult like structure based on the brainwashing weapon. A real power structure is much more complicated, but ordinary.


The California College System

The colleges of California are promoting the use of the brainwashing weapon on the public. Teachers the likes of Obama are promoting the use of the brainwashing on the public, to murder, torture, rob, and cheat. The women are using the weapon to attack the male teachers using sexual content, and the likes of UC Administrator, Janet Napolitano, the ex-CIA operative. The exposure of Napolitano and other women relates to 911, which included the "emergence" of thees types of individuals behind other attacks such as the JFK, RFK, and MLK assassinations, women. Kathy Williamson and the brainwashing of Laney College calculus course.

UC Berkeley

Recently, Milo Yiannopolis was scheduled a speaking event at the UC Berkeley campus. The event was to be part of his speaking circuit representing the Breitbart organization. However, the event was shutdown before he was able to speak. Protesters dressed in black and with their faces covered, attacked the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union Center where Yiannopolis was scheduled to speak. The event was intentionally scheduled to take place on the first day of Black History Month and arranged to have these rioters to attack the MLK center. This act was arranged by the white supremacist democrat leadership of Berkeley, the San Francisco Bay Area, and California. These white supremacist are police, women, and leaders in the community. The act was simply to enjoy attacking a black institute, on a date meant for an auspicious black occasion, while under the leadership of the police and UC Berkeley. This similar to their attack on the City of Oakland. Now it has been claimed by the university that they would now be willing to have Yiannopolis speak, so long as there is more security (KKK police).

The education system in the San Francisco Bay Area has noticeably been under strain since the manifestation of the 1995-1997 Oakland Ebonics Controversy. If you remember, Obama had recently entered the U.S. Senate through Chicago, Illinois. The strain led to the accounting and financial demise, including extraordinary efforts to keep me out of the accounting and finance industry. This strain culminated in the bankrupt Oakland Unified School District takeover by the State, Ferguson vs. Oakland Unified School District, and the Oakland white riots.

Alameda County

Alameda County Sheriff's Office

A common criminal lives in fear that he or she will be caught for something they have done. For example, recently, I went to an Alameda County, California Sheriff's office to find out how to file for a records search. There was a black woman in uniform aiding a pale looking white male. She was courteous and informative. When she finished, she began to help me. Then another black woman came in and said, I will take over. And, she commented that the other woman was new.

She began yelling. In trying to figure out the information I needed, I also wanted to figure out what her problem was. I stepped out into the hall and found two Sheriff's Deputies in the hall. One was pacing parallel to the office I was in on the other side, the other was farther down the hall standing with his back toward the wall. The looked aggressive, but odd. So, my nature was to find out why she was yelling and what the two in the hall thought they were going to do. So, I went back into the office and began questioning her why she was behaving the way she was. In the end she was totally unreasonable, and I left with the information I could glean. The first woman didn't even want to look at her, as if she was scared.

Recently, I was watching the Warriors' 73rd win at Hooter's in San Bruno. I noticed a new black chick working, much to my surprise. There was also a new Asian girl working there. Her name tag read, "new girl." I asked her for her name, she said no, I want to keep it. Just kidding. She said her name is Kara. And, while at Hooter's, the women in the brainwashing were saying the whole time, "it's the police." So, I noticed the law enforcement had not only taken over Hooter's, but they were trying to take over the peninsula. Remember, the Santa Clara Jail issues? Also, you may know that France had a black woman Justice minister that they had to let go because she was using the brainwashing on the public. So, all the elements were at Hooter's, the law community, white, black, Spanish, and the Asians.

Petrov was severely beat by the Alameda County Sheriff's Deputies after I encountered the Sheriff's office. At least that night, Hooter's was situated based on that scenario. And prior to Hooter's, the FBI was said to have arrested Petrov. The reason was said to be related to drugs or such. But, the real reason is that law enforcement is constantly being charged with crimes or losing their jobs for illicit behavior. When the U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder tried to charge the Ferguson cop who shot and killed Michael Brown, Holder announced the following day that he will be retiring. Why? Several reasons.Holder resembles a black man and the cop is white. The black community projects an image of being anti-law. There is actually no law in the U.S., only gun toting yahoos. So, the law community believed that Petrov brainwashed the two deputies, and they set out a lynching. The KKK is a remnant of the Spanish Inquisition, which is a remnant of the Rosicruicians, which arose out of Germany, which was conquered by Rome, which was conquered by Christianity, which arose from Judaism, which fled Egypt, which is said to be East of Eden, which is said to originate in Africa.

The government employees are hiding behind guns. There is no law. Our law community is adopting illegal immigration ideas due to stresses being placed on the law community by the brainwashing organization. And, when these stresses are placed, the law turns into an El Chapo, who claims that they have to do it that way in order to make money. So, when the boys are stressed, that will fight, as seen in the video of the Santa Clara Jail. This is the war against boys. They are said to be, not bright people, despite all the information you may provide to them.

Oakland / Oakcliff

Down Town Jew Lee Brown

Downtown Oakland has gone through a transformation. I'll begin first with just a general history of Oakland. Oakland was a military city whose main mission was to supply the military at home and abroad. That mission ended and the bases Alameda, San Francisco, and Oakland were closed to military use. This also closed a major source of tax dollars which were being spent in the community.

So, Oakland struggled to bring manufacturing to Oakland. As time went on manufacturing jobs exited Oakland. Oakland became a very impoverished community. In trying to bring in businesses and solve their poverty problems, Oakland turned to not-for-profit business. These not-for-profits focused mainly on food, housing, jobs, pretty much the basic necessities.

While these not-for-profits grew, for-profit businesses began to leave Oakland, for destinations like, Emeryville, San Leandro, etc. However, there was room left for small business organizations, especially, minority owned-businesses. But, this meant that Oakland became a very small community with a low per capita income. This low per capita community grew due to government and not-for-profit assistance. At this time, downtown Oakland was known as an unsafe place, because of the black low-income and night club population which roamed the streets at night.

So, low-income housing was developed outside of downtown Oakland. In this case, west Oakland. The Nelson Mandela Housing project was developed. Apparently, there was already dislike for blacks and the low-income community, because, when the Mandela Housing was developed, the City of Oakland decided to dedicate an area called the Mandela Parkway between the West Oakland Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station and Emeryville, an affluent community of predominantly white people.

The parkway was built in the middle of the street, a trend that is continuing today in the City of Oakland. The parkway was built to be a waste of space. At the time, so-called black leadership was in control of City of Oakland government. Mayor Ron Dellums was the mayor, and there was a diverse city council representing the various ethnic communities in Oakland. However, at the time, West Oakland was a predominantly black community. And that was the reason why the low-income housing was built there. That and the fact that low-income housing could not be built where white people lived, due to fears of racism and housing values.

So, as a display of the displeasure of the white community and the Oakland Police Department, the project included a large parkway down the middle of a six lane highway. This parkway is very wide and very long. However, it is not large enough to be used as a park. It is a waste of space where one may walk or sit down in the middle of the street. And, judging from my nephew's behavior, he knew that the Oakland Police Department was responsible for the waste of tax resources when he walked down the middle of the street at the Oakland waterfront while being followed by an Oakland police Sgt. in a squad car. And, when Mandela was last seen, he had severe leg problems and difficulties merely walking into a his birthday party. His leg problems were caused by the brainwashing and white people. Ron Dellums left the Mayor's Office with the announcement that he and his family was broke and that he was having a breakdown.

There are several projects that are a waste of resources and many more which lack creativity, insight, and intuition in Oakland. Currently, the Public Works department is working on bringing down Oakland with substandard projects, such as developing Telegraph Ave. in the fashion of Mandela Parkway where the traffic on the ave. is being restricted through painting graffiti on the street a guides for vehicle and bicycle traffic and parking. The city of Oakland is be inundated with graffiti not only delivered by the Oakland Public Works department, but by criminals who stalk at night and totally destroy buildings by consistently plastering them with spray paint until the buildings require major reconstruction. These acts are similar to the white window bashing riots which took place in Oakland, under the guise of supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

The whites did not like the fact that the City of Oakland would use tax dollars, which whites felt were earned by white people, to house and feed black people. The feeling by the white community was that they were being left out of the community based on the aggressive nature of the black population toward white visitors.

But, Oakland has never had a large tourist population, because Oakland has never tried to have a tourist population. The acts of the Oakland government and citizens has always been on a local-minded level, however, ignorant or closed minded. This is basically the mindset of others in the area, such as the CIty of Berkeley and the University of Berkeley, the City of Hayward and the State University East Bay, Alameda, San Leandro, as well as the State of California. It is very much a hillbilly culture, unable to gather information and innovation. It is a very abusive and restrictive state.


Police records say that Oakland Police Department shut down black businesses because they claimed that they were violent. (Today, Donna Cunningham is trying to shutdown San Francisco police chief Greg Surh...)

January 1, 2009, the Oscar Grant shooting took place. That was the shooting of an unarmed black male who was hand-cuffed and lying on his stomach. He was shot in the back. The video suggests there was brainwashing. The Grant shooting was a life imitating art scene which was imitating the painting "Guernica."

March 21, 2009, the so-called Levelle Mixon shootings took place. It is claimed that Mixon killed four cops. This version of life imitating art is based on Kryptos. Kryptos is encoded artwork gifted to the CIA and which lies on the grounds of the CIA at Langley in Virginia. Then OPD put the graffiti names of the cops who were killed by Mixon over the doors of the main meeting halls in the City of Oakland City Hall. This was in preparation for the Jewish Mayor they were planning to bring to office, LIbby Schaaf. OPD was putting blood graffiti over the doors similar (like) to the Jewish version of religion in putting blood over the door so that the angel of death would pass them by. OPD, as well as most of the whites, believe they can use the brainwashing weapon on the public. Today, the mens' restroom in City Hall is permanently out of order. This is to signify that Libby Schaaf is a woman and not a man like Scooter Libby, the guy who identified the so-called CIA agent, Valerie Plame.

The act of putting the names of police department personnel was previously done in San Francisco at the Taraval St. police station. There is one name and one community meeting room, just like there is one name for each room in the City of Oakland, City Hall. Clearly, the entire Mixon inspiration came from San Francisco.

October 10, 2011, the Occupy movements began. In 2013, the Black Lives Matter movement began. Then OPD escorted mobs of armed white people around Oakland who bashed the windows of businesses in the name of the Black Lives Matter movement. Those businesses were owned by, run by, and employed black people. After this Liberty Leading the People movement/riots, property values were low due to the war torn appearance of downtown. Then white owned businesses were moved in along with their white employees and residents. They called it gentrification. But it is RICO.

Subsequently, a Joan of Arc Mayor was elected, Libby (leading the people) Schaaf. A masked woman was seen leading the rioters, scouting out police positions ahead of the assembled mob. This smacks of an Obama brainwashing style government. They say the blacks can't know, understand, or speak about the "fact" that they are being brainwashed.

. The former Mayor of Los Angeles, Tom Bradley, could not win the California Governor's office. Do you think we are going to see a mini White House movement to put another Mayor of Oakland in the Governor's office? The brainwashers thought it was humorous to create the icon A. Schwarzenegger because of proximate cause in the black community which adopted the "N" word for themselves. And the first part, Jewish, remained human. All this in honorary of Mayor Tom Bradley. It is written that Bradley wanted businesses to pay for the Olympics held in his city, during his term. Still, to this day, the Black Business Expo is still not a popular activity.

Black: California

Eastmont Mall - The Social Services Mall

I asked a black male, why was it that there were no retail businesses in the Eastmont Mall? His response was that the white people took it away from them because when the blacks had it, they didn't know how to act. Currently, there is a movement to split California into two states, the northern part is requesting to be called the Jefferson state, after the slave owning Thomas Jefferson.

The Eastmont Social Services Mall is a old communist style mall fashioned to favor Barbara Lee's fantasies about Cuba.

Ghost Riding the Whip

There was an April 07, 2016, police chase in Los Angeles. The chase involved two black males in a stolen Mustang convertible.

This chase is a brainwashing production. It was followed up by an advertisement about a black girl who came from modest means who went to San Francisco State University and received a degree in Psychology, who then returned to her black community to work for a local foundation. She is shown in the commercial counseling who? Two black males who look similar. the two males in the police chase. It is black female propaganda from the brainwashers and SFSU.

This idea of psychology in the black community comes from the fact that a black man named John George, a California politician, advocated mental health. This is where black men in Oakland have claimed a black man will rule the world. And subsequently, the psychiatric pavilion was named after him in San Leandro. Then Oakland got the bright idea to use the brainwashing technology too, and created the Eastmont Social Services Mall, because they were making so much money on the concept.

There are others feeding into the mistakes of the black community. One is the communities in northern California which want to create a Jefferson state. Jefferson owned a black slave called Sally Hemmings. The boys were put into that position over a case in the north which claimed that a black male with a white wife stole a cow. They claimed it was a kin to horse (mustang) thieving.

The black community behaves as if they don't understand what is happening with the brainwashing weapon. They are continuing to demonstrate extreme behavior such as the mustang chase in LA, the Flint hearing video and subsequent shooting in D.C., and the Ben Carson paranoia appearance at one of the U.S. presidential debates. These behaviors are harming the black community in more than just a physical way. They are meant to establish the black male as a poor candidate as opposed to a Manchurian candidate. The black community is helping its enemies to attack.

The black community was attacking me while I was taking courses. And today, they behave as if they don't know what they were doing to themselves, let alone what the were doing to me or the police. The teachers were attacking in school. Teachers at SFSU attacked and with the brainwashing weapon. I reported to Donna Cunningham, the woman who began the call for police chief to resign. She said she read the report, but she did not, and did not pass the report on. She is worse than she accuses Suhr. The truth is that the school system of California is an attacking cult, and California is honing is skills as an attacking cult and they don't even have to understand what they are doing, but merely follow the guru. The teachers are attacking and have no morals about it.

So, I would like to know if there are any blacks who do know what they are doing. I know that no descendant of native African American slaves has or can become president of the U.S. But, the black population does not admit that. I know that Hollywood does not know what is going on. They didn't even know they would not be getting awards. They didn't even know that it would be better to inherit a corporation, rather than the "N" word. And today, Donna Cunningham doesn't even know that her and her blacks are being used to wage war against corporations, like they are CPA's. They claim that there are more altercations between the police and non-white people than there are between police and white people. I lived in San Francisco and never had one altercation with police. But, there were many altercations with many other people of all races. But, the biggest problem was from the blacks. They have a built-in hate. That's why their use the "N" word is so prevalent.

White: California


Ronald Reagan

On March 30, 1981, John Hinckley Jr. fired several rounds at President Reagan 69 days into his presidency. It was reported that one bullet "ricochet" off the armor-plated limousine and hit the president in the lung. Whether that really happened is in question, however, it was said that Hinckley did it to show his love for Jodie Foster. However, Hinckley was a California tool that was to show that Reagan had committed a RICO act (ricochet) when he allegedly made the deal to release the Iranian held hostages, but to keep the deal a secret until after the election. At the time, there was a bottled water company based in Chicago called, Hinckley & Schmidt. This also relates to cigarettes and marijuana smoking, guns and the Iran Contra scandal, I do recall. (Alzheimer) Jodie Foster was played by T.

San Francisco

The Transgender American Building vs. The Louvre

There was an attack at the Louvre by a man with a machete on Friday Feb 3, 2017. The 3 secrets, Spanish, Muslim, Aryan. The Transamerica building has a KKK-Spanish inquisition style cap on it. The attack was carried out by a man who hollered, Allah Akbar! If you put Muslims first and Spanish last, it spells MAS, women! This is an old alliance from the post Spanish empire days. Pablo Picasso's Guernica.


The LGBTQ in Frisco are working with the brainwashing organization. Can you say, AIDS? Bruce Jenner (gender)?

San Francisco is a major brainwashing city. Their whole being is based on the brainwashing. However, if you try to talk to them about it, they will go bizerk. The city is a major crime syndicate. Death's were taking place regularly in conjunction with SF Giants games. You know, like Obama, Pele type sacrifices. This was when the Giants won the World Series. Today, when I go to San Francisco, the police follow in cars and on foot, stalking like my pet cat used to. Their cops are highly brainwashed.

However, the black community is equally brainwashed and use racist "N" word comments all of the time, like most of the black population. The use of the N word stems from the brainwashing and the fact that black leaders and wanna be black leaders are ignorant of the history behind the white led brainwashing. Frisco wants to put a brainwashed Chief in office whom will be a drone like the rest of population of Frisco. I wanted to make sure that Greg Suhr heard that words "brainwashing," so when he was driving by, I made sure to yell the words out to him in his car. He was riding around in a cheap, government issue, four banger. Evidently, not an extravagant guy. Were you expecting the Batmobile? After hearing the word brainwashing, the city began to turn on him. He was also turning a corner at the intersection between City Hall and the courthouse. Hearing the word brainwashing, changes the drones on brainwashing. Now, they feel he is not of the cult, and are trying to kill him like a zombie apocalypse. Because I yelled out the word to Greg, the black girls were heard going bizerk on Mario Woods, giving him commands like a hysterical Alameda County Sheriff's Deputy, with a gun. This is what is happening to California and the country. Non-whites are committing suicide and don't want to be interrupted. This is the nature of the cobar construction. It is linear, curvy linear. This means that it goes in either two directions, higher or lower. Unlike the Queen of England, who choose to go higher, the black women chose to go lower and re-claim the position as the slave girl of Thomas Jefferson.

The Story of the Homeless (David) vs. The Giants (Goliath - Police)

Flight Asiana

Flight Asiana was brought down at SF Airport. It was merely one of the many uses of the brainwashing weapon. The whites are adamant about not telling about the brainwashing weapon. They believe they are fighting with Asia, using the brainwashing weapon.

The angle that Flight Asiana maintained upon attempting to land coincides with the angle of the street called Taraval in San Francisco. The beach lies at the bottom of Taraval. Taraval is on a long and steep grade. The pilot was said to have attempted to land at such a steep angle, that the tail of the plane was said to have hit the rocks at the waters edge at San Francisco Airport. Then the plane cartwheeled kicking up large amounts of sand. At the bottom of Taraval St., the sand has washed away from the beach, exposing concrete walls and rubble which lie buried for decades under the sand. There are many Asians who live along Traval, check it out.

San Bruno

September 9, 2010, 2 days before 911, a 30 inch steel PG&E gas pipeline burst. The San Bruno fire raged for hours, 8 people died and 35 houses were destroyed. I was in a Calculus course at San Francisco State University. The professor had predicted that he would break at 6 something pm. The explosion could not be heard from our location.

Investigations hypothesized that the installation of the pipe may have be in error. However, I know that the Strategic Defense Initiative weapons were used, and are continued to be used today. Why San Bruno? Why, O.J. Simpson, of course. O.J. was from San Francisco (Bruno Mollie shoes). There is a campaign in northern California to form a Thomas Jefferson state. California law personnel are involved, as well as many knowing and unsuspecting U.S. citizens.

The technology can be seen in the assassination of JFK.

San Bruno was also the location of a community highly involved with the brainwashing weapon, Whites, Blacks, Spanish, and Asians. The usual suspects. Also, the location of the explosion to place in an area where the neighborhood was built in a topographically depressed bowl shaped hollow. And the explosion was at the bottom. This made sure that the fire would spread, because fire burns upward. But also, there was Spark Energy and property waiting in East Oakland.


AFC - Just Win Baby!

The Patriots had the Raiders back, this time. There was controversy over the Patriots (white) vs. the Falcons (black). But that's the great thing about professional sports, the people get to live vicariously through their avatar players. There is also the struggle over the brainwashing weapon, supposedly based on who wins a game. However, in the case of the Raiders, an AFC team, the Championship was brought back to the AFC. Although, the championship went to the east this time. Now, it has to be brought back to the west. The NFC had several good contenders who wanted to take from the AFC. And the west has to work on hometown boys who will do well at home in the west. However, the fans are still unable to testify about the U.S. government employees who have tortured them, or the reporters who refuse to report on the story. Lady Gaga was no help, mic drop, ball cock.

There is a trend in sports in which it has been said that the women and homosexuals are trying to take over the league, from the men, using the U.S. brainwashing weapon. This type of take over was recently demonstrated at UC Berkeley at the scheduled Milo Yiannopolis speaking event. However, there is also a struggle between the women and the homosexuals in that the homosexuals want to replace the women. We have yet to see who will be POTUS first. The native African-American male has yet to become POTUS, as well. In the meantime, the heterosexual males are supporting the homosexuals, seen at Berkeley Yiannopolis event, in hopes of using their brainwashing weapon.

During a pregame show, there were two well known black athletes commentating with other white commentators. It was commented, in the brainwashing, that some black players are peculiar in that they wear their hair similar to the style of women. Then they looked at each other, and one admits that I am using it. Then, a white commentators exclaims, you're using it? Then you can't win! This meaning that the blacks who put all of their eggs in the Falcon's basket, using the brainwashing weapon, could not possibly win. The the white female commentator tried to use the black commentators in an attempt to verify whether they were using "it" (the brainwashing weapon). It was claimed by the black commentators that they were using women. But the question remained whether they were using women and the women have them fashion their hair after women, or whether they were really using homosexuals (replacing women) and fashioning their hair after Yiannopolis.

The government employee women who speak through the brainwashing weapon (like Valerie Plame) claim that the police (no specific department) are saying that CK is going to blow it, and that if he blows it, they are going to kill all of the people. Personally, it want all of the information on the police so that I can deal with them now, and always. They are front line KKK. The women in the brainwashing say the police are the ones who did the AIDS/homosexuality against Magic Johnson.

Fitzgerald of the Cardinals said during the 6th (1980 game 6 NBA Championship) Annual NFL Man of the Year Award, that he really believes that athletes have a responsibility to be a role model for the children. This was a direct and intentional opposition to the NBA announcing that you're parents are to be you're role model, and that the players just want to play. The players of the NBA claimed this in support of Magic Johnson and his error in promiscuity. Then there is the question of homosexuality. Was there homosexuality involving Magic, and is Fitzgerald homosexual, and how many in the leagues are homosexual, and of course you know that the brainwashing weapon is being used to turn people into homosexuals, whether actually, or quasi-physically like through what could be viewed as feminine hair styles.

1980 NBA Championship
Game 6
Los Angeles Lakers @ Philadelphia 76ers

It was at this game that Earvin "Magic" Johnson broke the rookie cookie cutter, beat Dr. Julius Erving and won the championship. Remember the gay who attacked St. Vincent De Paul of Oakland? If I did it! A similar attack followed Magic in AIDS and homosexuality.

Magic was attacked by homosexuality on the court at the opening jump ball, marking the future retirement of Magic Johnson and effecting the rest of the native African-American male population in the U.S.. This act, like Shanksville, fell short of the city of brotherly love. Yeah, both Philadelphia and San Francisco's Castro District. That's right, it's D.C. backwards. Magic went on to conduct international business. However, he did not become the first native African-American POTUS. Instead, he became the first native African-American coffee POTUS, much to the chagrin of the Hills Brothers. Maxine Waters would ask, do you still think you should have run it like business?

This game was not onr of the greatest games of the NBA. Dr. J did not play very well. But it was a very significant game in American history, especially in native African-American history. Even Jim Jones (Chones) played in the game. However, there may be the same problem due at Superbowl 51 (area 51), with Lady Gaga and her pregame pass to her father. It was like the son of Jim Jones who passed on his father's suicide party for a basketball game. Vamos a ver!

Well, Gaga jumped and cutoff her slausen. Tom Brady lost and found his shirt. It wasn't Atlanta, it was Mexico. And the Raiders announced at the annual owners' accord that they were moving from the gold standard to the silver standard. Incidentally, a former Governor of the golden state was Hiram Warren Johnson, who graduated from UC Berkeley. Yeah, Hiram, like one of the first African-Americans to become a U.S. Senator, Hiram Rhodes Revels, 1870. But, Hiram Johnson was white, like Groom Lake, not a Magic Johnson like the roadrunner. Hiram Johnson ran with Teddy Roosevelt on the presidential ticket. You think that's why Reagan wanted to shoot one of the last wild bears (not tiger, nor lion) at UC Berkeley while he was still Governor and before they became something fishy in Denmark, or his ass? In 1911, Hiram Johnson and the Progressives added initiative, referendum, and recall to the state government, giving California a degree of direct democracy unmatched by any other U.S. state (wikiddBuddy) Well, anyway, Gaga dove her soul into the Grand Canyon, orders from the father, or Love O' Mic. Vamos a ver ewe en la LII card boot at the U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Incidentally, Hiram Johnson's wife was named Minne. It's U.

Warriors - come out and playoff!

A Houston Rocket was fired off by submarine, landing a devastating blow to the Warriors' MVP and delivering an equally devastating hit against the Warriors' game plan. Head Warrior, Coach Steve Kerr is still staggering from the impact, and the potential of losing his lead Warrior. But, now it's red alert, battle stations, shields up, damn the torpedoes, immo shoot somein'. I think it's not just going to be a hostile environment, it's going to be an all out brawl. You'd better grab your woman and your battle axe, it's all or nothin' now baby! Ride or die Cali. Houston, you are the problem! We ain't goin' back!

However, OPD pulled a government organized hoax at the Oracle arena using the Levelle Mixon concoction. This was prior to the OPD escorted white riots that took place in Oakland. There were systematic steps that were taken to bring Libby Schaaf to office today. OPD played a pivotal role in the attacks. And, oddly, or not so oddly, the black community played a pivotal role in its own attack on itself. The black community has been attacking itself with the "N" word for a long time. So long, that even children who were not born when the blacks started the attack are now using the term. They are born into it and it's not white people. It is their own family that is calling them the "N" word. YEP, genocide. And, black sports players have announced that they don't want to be heroes. So, they won't be acting as heroes (Mario Woods). They say their parent must be the hero (Mario Woods). The blacks have created a mess for their children to enter into. You'd think they'd have set their children up better than that. Some much for super sports heroes.

So, Ice Cube gets his son to create a movie about how Ice Cube used the "N" word against black people to make money. The U.S. is charging El Chapo, but El Chapo says he had to do it to make money as a farmer. I don't think Ice Cube understood what they had him try to pass down to his son. The electronics business would have been much better. The women in the brainwashing say as if they are speaking for Ice Cube's son that his father didn't know, he was being used. Well, that seems to be the case with the entire black population. They behave as if they want to continue to call the black race the "N" word including their children. What does this have to do with sports, you say? Well, I told you that the whites are relegating non-white races to menial labor. And, the black race has been helping them do it. It's the same as the black slave catchers that were used in Africa. But, this time, it's their own children. And, the sports players don't want to be their heroes. They say their parent should be their hero. But, their parent is busy watching black males perform menial labor in sports, and who don't want to be heroes.

No other race has put their children through that. Now people of San Francisco are fighting against police chief Greg Suhr to have him removed because people of non-black races shot and killed an armed black male, who was already being attacked by his fellow black race. But, it's Suhr's fault. The truth is that the blacks are attacking, including in the professional sports leagues. Steph Curry was attacked. The slid on a slippery back by the Rockets was a carefully choreographed attack by the brainwashing weapon. Clay had already been attacked because he was fighting for more recognition, then the opposing team kneed him in the head (his cognition). Then the Curry knee injury kicks in. The sports industry is being controlled, and the public is helping the brainwashers do it. "Our way of life, our very freedom, came under attack."

The Final Four

The Dem Division: The Jews vs The Women
The Rep Division : The White Men vs The Spanish

Trump's comments about the Spanish stem from Spanish behavior. When groups of Spanish get together, that's when they begin to speak out and harass other people. It's a technique the Spanish practice all of the time. It's is a type of pack mentality. There was a video shown by a news agency that showed the pack mentality when two males climbed the fence on the border with Mexico, but when they saw the news cameras, they turned around and climbed back over. They had scowls on their faces and were literally carrying huge rectangular packs on their backs, presumably drugs. This mentality has also been demonstrated by black females at a West Oakland McDonald's (not Trump) restaurant. There, two plump black females verbally assaulted the Spanish female staff because the black females were bigger and more aggressive then the Spanish females. However, the black females came from a Spanish restaurant around the corner in which a large population of blacks occupy constantly, Rosie's Mexican Cantina (Rosicrucian). Trump is being influenced by the Spanish and is already adopting their behavioral patterns. These Spanish patterns have even led to brawls at sports venues, stabbings, even deaths. The riots following Trump are indicative of the behavior at those venues. But, there are also signs that Trump was brought to the election by the brainwashers. Will this be good or bad? I don't know yet.

So, there is a prison island off the coast of Venezuela which is run by a crime boss. It is literally run by a crime boss. The government pays them resources. They run the prison by sending strong men through the prison who regulate the activities of the prisoners. The government still sends prisoners to the prison. However, they say that crime outside the prison is run from in the prison. This is actually, a protected base of operations. This is similar to how the Spanish reside in America. The graffiti problem is one sign. Also, when the Spanish hop the fence, they come into America expecting to find the Spanish still at work on America. Or else, the question is raised, what are you doing?

I know you can hear me out there in the fields, on the Ice, courts, and the track. The brainwashers will deliver the message.

International Blvd



April 23, 2016, Chandler. Two Chandler, Arizona cops were shot in front of Walmart in Chandler, Arizona. Chandler of the tv series, Friends, is currently starring in an England hosted play called The End of Longing. Prince lived in Chanhassen.


Ryan Poston and Shana Hubers

The story of the death of Ryan and the subsequent imprisonment of Shana, two children from two different communities, coming together in a third. Ryan and Shana went up a hill, to fetch a hail of water. Ryan fell down, cause he broke his crown. And, of course, Shana went dancing after.

Ryan committed suicide with the law community, Boalt College. A detective described that Shana turned the safety off, before she shot Ryan. He said that meant that it was premeditated. However, he didn't say that she drew the bolt back to load the round. Shana even reminded the unwitting cop dupes that she "round" the table and shot ballistic enamored on and off again boyfriend. The public dick didn't say how the round got into the chamber. This is probably all just a misunderstanding, carefully placed to allow Shana out of prison at a predetermined date so she can gain movie rights thereby creating more lucrative white roles for South African actors and actresses. Shana stated, after the misunderstanding, she felt sorry for her boyfriend, who was twitching like JFK. She felt she was better than her government employees and confessed to ending his suffering. His suffering was that he wanted to die, but like Prince, feared the pain.


Plane Crash - Miracle on 34th Street

A racist nation.

This is the case of "yeah, it's funny, until you poke somebody's eye out." Yeah, that's right, that huge eye. Not of the tiger, although they held them hostage too, but of the eye of the gorilla. When the girilla looked into the Empire State Building, he saw a reflection of himself. When Elizabeth and Phillip were staying at their Kenyan residence, a colonized state in the British Empire State nation Building, she received a text message (just kidding) that the King of England had died and that she was now officially the Queen of England. The guerilla could not resist taking the newbian beauty.

That newbian beauty was the Queen of England, born to the Duke and Duchess of York. Yeah, New-bian York. King Kong was her Unk (Uncle), King Edward. Her father, Albert (with a fat tongue) became King when his brother Edward fell and married a woman which England found to be unacceptable. Actually, the brainwashers needed a period. YEP! An Elizabethan period. The end of the White Star Line. But, more than that, it's the cobar construction, remember? The government employees have Trump reliving the Elizabethan period of the 1600s, while debriefing the Queen during her lifetime. All this while the elderly blacks of the U.S. wait for a legitimate President of Native African American descent. The racist whites are robbing the black American public, because the black leaders are in the way of everything. Leadership, oy vey!

Simply put, the U.S. government employees have been using the brainwashing for a long time. King Kong is the creation of not the Manchurian candidate, but a British candidate. At the time, it was to create King Kong after King Edward abdicated the throne in favor of marrying a woman the nation felt was unfit for the throne. That's where the ape comes in. Must have banana. Oop, slip and fall. Lose empire. You ain't goin' to be needin' dem' shoes. So, Prince Albert in a can becomes King and changes his name to George, like his ancestors, who by the way were also German. When Edward abdicated the throne, England already held Hong Kong. And, obviously George became George because he was headed for war with Germany.

The movie King Kong was made before George became king. It's a mirror of the Manchurian Candidate movie, where the movie comes out, then quickly life imitates art by the king falling and JFK being killed.

The Empire State Building crash took place at the end of WWII. Essentially poking the eye out (Holy See) of the Catholic empire, thereby fulfilling the prophecy of the Fatima. The Empire State Building stands at 5th avenue and 34th street.

1933 was the year the movie King Kong came out. 1934 was the year Albert became King of England. It was also the year that the U.S. hoarded more gold from around the world, than any other time in the history of the U.S. It was a time that the U.S. government was accumulating the wealth of nations to finance WWII. This is the concept of cobar construction, WWII and the build up.

In fact, England is continuing it's attack on the world, including using their black people. Some, might say that this is no different than what America is doing with its black assets. However, at one time in America, blacks aspired to the White House. This is not possible in England.

B B B Brexit - God Save the Queen!

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a Great fall
All the Queen's norsemen and all the Queen's maids could not put Humpty back together again.

The Black Plague

If I did "it"! That question no longer lingers in the UK, so be "it". But, the story behind the question of the "Angles" should be retold, in-order to understand the vector of the current "Elizabethan" events.

The area now called England was first inhabited by modern humans during the Upper Palaeolithic period, but takes its name from the Angles, one of the Germanic tribes who settled during the 5th and 6th centuries. England became a unified state in the 10th century, and since the Age of Discovery, which began during the 15th century, has had a significant cultural and legal impact on the wider world. (wiki dd buddy)

Reginae - There are two vectors for this term. Firstly, and most recently, a young, nubian, female who was shot dead while socializing with others on the street in downtown Oakland, California.Reginae Carter. And secondly, and of ancient history, Encomium Emmae Reginae or Gesta Cnutonis Regis is an 11th-century Latin encomium in honour of Queen Emma of Normandy. It was written in 1041 or 1042 probably by a monk of St Omer (not Omar).

It is usually thought that the text was written in 1041 or 1042, in response to a politically delicate situation that had recently arisen at the English court.[3] Harthacnut (r. 1040-2), Emma's son by Cnut, was king of England and Edward, her son by Æthelred, had been invited back from exile in Normandy and sworn in as Harthacnut's successor. The presence of a king and another claimant to the throne was a recipe for social unrest, especially considering that Edward's brother, Ælfred (d. 1036), had earlier been betrayed (as rumour had it, at the instigation of Earl Godwine).[4] As the portrait (above) emphasises, the work appears to have been specifically directed at Harthacnut and Edward, instilling a message about their past and future.[4] As such, the Encomium is a heavily biased and selective work. Commissioned by Queen Emma herself, it strives to show her and Cnut in as favourable a light as possible: thus it silently glosses over Emma's first marriage to Æthelred the Unready, contests that Harold Harefoot, Cnut's son by his first wife Ælfgifu, was indeed a son of Cnut and puts the blame for Ælfred's murder squarely on Harold.[5][6] Despite its shortcomings the Encomium is an important primary source for early 11th-century English and Scandinavian history. (wiki dd buddy)

Norway was an influential kingdom of Europe until the mid-14th century, when the Black Plague killed more than half the population. This forced Norway into a personal union with Denmark, which later formed the Kalmar Union with Sweden. Following the departure of Sweden from the Kalmar Union and its dissolution, in 1524 Denmark and Norway entered into a personal union under Danish hegemony, due to Norway's weakened position after the Plague. In 1536 the Kingdom of Norway was integrated into Denmark, and as a consequence its Council of the Realm was abolished. However, Norway continued to have separate institutions and its own laws.The union's most important political institutions and monumental palaces were built in Denmark, strategically in order to restrain Norway from rising to great power as possessed during the Viking Age. (wiki dd buddy)

Personal unions were popular in Europe, and Especially in England, as the list that follows shows:

(wiki dd buddy)

England uses personal unions in the fashion of LLCs and operating agreements to create a legal basis. This allows the other nations greater autonomy than corporation type subsidiaries (held nations, such as when Spain held Mexico) would have. Membership in the European Union does not grant England rights as a monarchy.

And of course you know about Europe after the discovery of the New World, the Americas. The dynamics of trade changed greatly. External operations, that is, production outside of Europe exploded with the production of goods by European firms intended for European markets. The working man was now an immigrant.

America was the first to break-away from the rule of Europe. Other American nations would follow. The term wholly-owned firms began to form a distinction between the new American firms and their colonial counterparts.

Then the growth of the advent of the slave brought the polarized concepts of capitalism and communism to a head. Europe had lengthy discussions on the values of capitalism vs. communism, as well as other economic and social concepts. The purpose of these discussions were supposed as similar to conferences such as the Global-Warming Summit, for the betterment of mankind. (They must have assumed that womankind would continue to boss-around no matter what, for better, or worse.)

The movements within the Roman-Catholic religious empire had financial and political foundations, and subsequently led to a separation of Church and State. This success of this concept and communist ideals eventually led to the abolition of slavery, another major trade shift.

Power shifts in east-central Europe led to World War I; hundreds of thousands of English soldiers died fighting for the United Kingdom as part of the Allies.[nb 3] Two decades later, in World War II, the United Kingdom was again one of the Allies. At the end of the Phoney War, Winston Churchill became the wartime Prime Minister. Developments in warfare technology saw many cities damaged by air-raids during the Blitz. Following the war, the British Empire experienced rapid decolonisation, and there was a speeding up of technological innovations; automobiles became the primary means of transport and Frank Whittle's development of the jet engine led to wider air travel. (wiki dd buddy)

Temporal monarchies are inherently racist. However, if England was growing economically at an envious rate, because of membership in the EU, than it should be obvious that England would never have voted for exiting the EU, including while being inundated with the blackest of immigrants.

In accounting, there is the term "cost/benefit analysis". Tuesday 21 June 2016, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), which has over 128,000 members, issued a statement on its website directed toward the Chancellor, The EU referendum has caused Chancellor to take eye off economic ball says ICAEW (wiki dd buddy).

The Lord Chancellor is a member of the Cabinet and, by law, is responsible for the efficient functioning and independence of the courts. In 2007 there were a number of changes to the legal system and to the office of the Lord Chancellor. Formerly he was also the presiding officer of the House of Lords, the head of the judiciary in England and Wales, and the presiding judge of the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice, but the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 transferred these roles to the Lord Speaker, the Lord Chief Justice, and the Chancellor of the High Court respectively. The current Lord Chancellor is Michael Gove, who is also Secretary of State for Justice.

Formerly, the Lord Chancellor was almost always a churchman, as during the Middle Ages the clergy were amongst the few literate men of the realm. The Lord Chancellor performed multiple functions—he was the Keeper of the Great Seal, the chief royal chaplain, and adviser in both spiritual and temporal matters. Thus, the position emerged as one of the most important ones in government. He was only outranked in government by the Justiciar (now obsolete). (wiki dd buddy)

Legislative functions - The Lord Chancellor used to be the presiding officer of the House of Lords by right of prescription. The Constitutional Reform Act 2005 removed this function, leaving the choice of a presiding officer to the House of Lords itself. Ultimately, the Lords chose to elect a Lord Speaker, which title was already used in the Standing Orders. (wiki dd buddy)

Executive functions - The Lord Chancellor is a member of the Privy Council and of the Cabinet. The office he heads was known as the Lord Chancellor's Office between 1885 and 1971 and the Lord Chancellor's Department between 1971 and 2003. In 2003 the Department was renamed the Department for Constitutional Affairs and the Lord Chancellor was appointed Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs. In 2007 this post was renamed Secretary of State for Justice and the department became the Ministry of Justice. (wiki dd buddy)

So, question of the Angles would be the "legal question of the Angles." And this question goes back to the protestant movement era where England exited the Roman Catholic church in favor of more economic and judicial control of its empire. And, like the "question of the Jews," the question is a legal question, "are you the King (Queen)." Meaning, where is it in the law? In the U.S. it's in the Constitution, there are no kings.

The break with Rome was effected by a series of acts of Parliament passed between 1532 and 1534, among them the 1534 Act of Supremacy which declared that Henry was the "Supreme Head on earth of the Church of England".[2] (This title was renounced by Mary I in 1553 in the process of restoring papal jurisdiction; when Elizabeth I reasserted the royal supremacy in 1559 her title was Supreme Governor.)[2] Final authority in doctrinal and legal disputes now rested with the monarch, and the papacy was deprived of revenue and the final say on the appointment of bishops. (wiki dd buddy)

When Elizabeth I became queen, Parliament passed an Act providing that a Lord Keeper of the Great Seal would be entitled to "like place, pre-eminence, jurisdiction, execution of laws, and all other customs, commodities, and advantages" as a Lord Chancellor. The only difference between the two offices is the mode of appointment—a Lord Chancellor is appointed by formal letters patent... (wiki dd buddy)

So, why would UK accounting institute claim that the "Lord" Chancellor, who is supposed to save the Queen by keeping his eye on the ball, say he has taken his eye off of the economic ball? In accounting, GAAP, accountants are presumed to take conservative positions on all topics, not just economic. While the Lord Chancellor is expected to "keep his eye on" two balls, judicial, and sovereignty, with no requirement for conservatism, the economic ball resides in the judicial ball.

However, Germany is experiencing a high degree of revenue from trade in the EU. This economic benefit going to a state which was a member of the roman empire, which the UK felt the need to withdraw from, and which subsequently became a repeated aggressor in WWI and WWII, while not providing either extreme economic nor sovereignty benefits, appears to have caused the monarchy to reexamine its subsidiary state within the EU. Presumably, deferring to a cost/benefit analysis as to their reasons for their Pontius Pilates Contrology. The referendum vote by the people of the UK to exit the EU only reaffirms and reenacts the "passion" which has caused this world to go round for so many centuries.

All hail the Rosiecrucades! The Queen has been radicalized. And none to late, she's getting on.


Brussels is complaining about the sharp decrease in tourism in Brussels since the March 22nd bomb blasts that rocked the city in 2016; merchants are asking for help. Compare that to the U.S. government employees' attacks on my education, and what they have cost me.


U.S. presidential candidate, Donald Trump has announced that he is proposing to stop all Muslim immigration into the U.S.. Whether you agree or disagree, Trump has the power to propose the idea, as do all citizens, but he does not have the power to make it so. I think the public should have asked him to explain what he meant and asked further questions that may have lingered in the minds of the people.

I think Trump's point was that Israel has stopped all Muslim immigration into Israel, let alone the Israeli government, and the U.S. has not discussed that issue. Another example is the immigration movement that has been stopped in Macedonia, Greece. So, does this mean that you agree with Trump, Greece or Israel?

Recently, a news agency reported on a conference with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. At the conference Zuckerberg something to the affect that rather than promote walls, that he and his company help people connect. And the news agencies deduced that Zuckerberg was referring to Donald Trump and his comments about Spanish Illegal immigrants and the need to build a wall to prevent them from illegally crossing the border. However, the idea that a technology CEO express the lack of concern for security is preposterous. This while Apple is fighting the U.S. Goliath, the FBI, who wishes to install the dreaded blue screen backdoor.

I'm sure, that not only would all Americans like to connect to a job, even if it is at Facebook, so too do the Spanish await to be connected to a job at Facebook. The unemployment level in Spain is at 25%, this due to the high level of racism within the Spanish population. I will cover this under the heading "The Spanish." Facebook of touts itself as the answer to social problems. However, you have to sign into the Facebook wall in order to be saved.

The fact is that Facebook is a marketing company. And, marketing consists of marketing, advertising, and sales, also known as marketing, advertising, and sell something (MASS). So in this case, Facebook in marketing in the Spanish community, while advertising in the U.S. community, while looking for sales in the Spanish community. So, should we build a wall called 256 sha? Or should we sign in? In reality, companies may become weapons of mass destruction, which lead to the idea of social justice, social responsibility, corporate responsibility and so on. An old black guy named Curtis at San Francisco State University asked do you have any responsibility in this?


One waypoint in the path of the brainwashing organization in the history of the world, the creation of the African nation called Liberia. The black community may not realize the origins of the scrabble type game which appeared on the popular native African-American music and dance show Soul Train. In the game, selected members were supposed to know the answer to a question posed by the equally popular host of the show, Don Cornelius. There was a board with magnetic letters disarranged. Once the question was posed to the members, the music would start to play. The members would then begin to arrange the letters into the words that provided the answer to the question. Liberia is one of those questions.

If you remember in history, there was a saying, "the question of the Jew." This question was said to have been put by Adolf Hitler, as well as other points in world history. But really, the concept originates from the question put to Jesus Christ, by Pontius Pilate. Wiki provides an explanation under Written Accounts: Canonical Gospel:

"Pilate's main question to Jesus was whether he considered himself to be the King of the Jews in an attempt to assess him as a potential political threat. Mark in the NIV translation states: 'Are you the king of the Jews?' asked Pilate. 'It is as you say', Jesus replied. However, quite a number of other translations render Jesus' reply as variations of the phrase: 'Thou sayest it.' (King James Version, Mark 15:2); 'So you say'. (Good News Bible, Mark 15:2). Whatever degree of confirmation modern interpreters would derive from this answer of Jesus, according to the New Testament, it was not enough for Pilate to view Jesus as a real political threat. The chief priests began hurling accusations toward Jesus, yet he remained silent. Pilate asked him why he did not respond to the many charges, and Jesus remained silent, so Pilate was 'astonished'." (Wik Wik Wiki!)

So far, the question of the Jews has been answered, in the eyes of the Jews, Christ is not the King of the Jews, and Israel is ruled by Judaism. However, there remains the Soul Train question. The question always related to black history. But, the question of Liberia has not been asked. When the letters that make up the word Liberia are rearranged, they spell "i ibrael." What you say? Yes, the blind Sheik. The blind Sheik provides additional clues, messages, B-lind & S-heik. Replace the B with an S in the word Liberia and it will spell, I Israel. Yes, BS, Baccalaureate of Science!

When Liberia was created, between 1822 and the U.S. Civil War, there were not only movements for abolition, but also for educating the African population. A fella with an odd name, no not Obama, but Denmark Vesey planned a war of liberation.

There is a little known topic in D.C. which involves a document called The 28 Pages. That document is said to involve the 911 events and the events leading up to the 911 event. However, it also mirrors the events surrounding Vesey, the events leading up to and subsequent events following the revolt attempt, including in the U.S., Europe, the Middle-east, Cuba, and the world. The Court adjourned June 28, 1822, having tried Vesey and five other men without granting them the same rights as free men. They were hung, but not in Syria or Iraq. They were hung in Charleston, South Carolina. Just like in the 28 Pages circumstances, other Americans were accused of being involved, including white men.

Then Governor of South Carolina, James Hamilton organized a militia to capture the men. This is a real cause for a black play called Hamilton today. This also explains the behavior of California Governor, Edmund Brown who was at Yoshi's club at the Port of Oakland when a white man hit the ground, last seen with a large wound on top of his head.

In the case of D.C. the 28 pages refers to a date. In the case of the Twin Towers, the date is 9 / 11 / 2001. A bit of construction, 9 + 19 = 28 + 6 = 34 / 2 = 17 (14 - 11) = 51. (September + 19 hijackers) = 28 days or pages + June or six = 34' / 2 or World Trade or WWII = 17 sub-area (14 September - 11 September) = 51 = 15 2 20. 19 is the usual age that one attends college. 19 is no longer going to lead in the annual date, since the turn of the century. Calendars played a significant role in ancient history, and plain ole' history for that matter.


Prince create a song called "The Beautiful Ones," which is about creation. And in the world of music, the creation of beautiful songs lead to smash hits. The beautiful ones may create beautiful people. It has been said that Prince was also spiritual. And, it is not hard to see that often he sang spiritually. And, in this case, he sang of Judaism, Christ, and Islam. This is another beautiful song which may have been created by a beautiful person. I may be useful to develop the picture.Once I was seven years old. This song is not about me. It's about the nations that surround me. Once I was 11 years old, it's about the term when I was leading. Once I was twenty years old, the world turned cold. But people don't believe it. Once I was 30 years old, we kept on fighting. That's they way they made it. Once I was forty years old, life was fleeting, taking one at a time. Once I was fifty years old, they predicted. We're now depicted. Now we're 60 years old, and we all know, that we were manipulated. Soon, we'll be 70 years old, and will we remember where we all started? Once I was 80 years old, it's getting harder. Once I was 90 years old, it's almost time to understand it. Once I was 100 years old, you can have it, but that's not what they are sayin'. Once I was dead, then I can have it. That's what they are sayin'. Once I was born 3 days ago, then i'll be knowin'. Once I had a big goal.

The Balkan States

The U.S. wants to colonize the Balkan States like they colonized South Korea, Japan, and Cuba. While the U.S. government employees torture, murder, rob, and threaten world citizens to get what Americans want. This causes nations such as China to reinforce communist style governments in order to the stave off U.S. style white led crime syndicates. And now, the U.S. is turning to the Balkan States for colonization. These are planned movements, remember the white riots of Oakland. Russia once had a White Army, as well as a Red Army. These armies were related to the Balkan States.


Two of the last colonial possessions are South Korea and Japan. The white men have had a history of going to Asia to extract resources, and have waged war several times on Asian soil over resources. The Boxer rebellion was one of them, and this idea was used in the 911 attack, were box cutters symbolized the rebellion over the oil business. Today, it was announced that there is a U.S. backed coup which has begun in Venezuela. Venezuela is an oil rich nation.


The Spanish

It has been said by Spanish speaking persons, the belief that they have been allowed to use the brainwashing weapon on everybody. However, that belief is merely another misguided Spanish belief founded on a tendency toward corruption. For instance, the Spanish believe that they can use the brainwashing weapon to gather information stored in the brainwashing weapon about someone's past. They believe they can blackmail a person with that information in exchange for something they want. It is neo-Spanish inquisition.

The Spanish also believe they are fighting to take land back from the U.S. because they were tricked in the past with documents like the Treaty of Hildago. A black male working for Spark Energy attempted to demonstrate participation in the desire to retrieve property through bogus solicitation practices. That act relates to a younger black male in Pennsylvania who went door to door until he came upon an elderly woman, whom he raped and stabbed, leaving her for dead. Cartel like behavior is affecting the community involving vehicles, sex, knives, guns, money, and poverty. I spoke about the brainwashing in Swords to Plowshares, which is a current point of attack in Oakland, and the people began to attack. Soon, a Spanish came by attempting to represent a shot caller, and he quickly put a cell phone to his ear. For some reason, the blacks can't communicate about the brainwashing and claim to be under the control of the Spanish, like Cuba.

Real Estate